It’s not easy being green…

Ladies, I’d like your opinion. On a scale of 1 to 10, how obnoxious is my new nail polish? It’s totally not me, but I couldn’t resist it…like a jelly donut when you KNOW you don’t need it. I found it at the grocery store, and picked it up for St. Patrick’s Day and our annual Hoegarden “girls only” estrogen-filled weekend coming up in March. So tell the truth…does it make you nauseous, or does it scream “wow, she’s a fun girl” or does it inspire you to put on a pair of short shorts and go outside? Does it make you think of Kermit the Frog or the split-pea soup fiasco of The Exorcist? Do you want to hurl your Thin Mints, or does your heart sing with a sense of reckless abandonment? I really want to know. Before you vote, however, I should also tell you that I bought a vibrant turquoise color to go with it. Couldn’t stop myself. Blue and green are my favorite colors. As you can tell from this second photo, the green alone was not enough for me. At The Complete Package’s urging, I painted turquoise spots onto my neon lime nails. Why not? As long as there’s nail polish remover in the cabinet and cotton balls in the drawer, why NOT go nuts once in a while. Party like a rock star. Lose your mind. Free your soul. Act like a 14 year old girl. Live life on the edge. Over dramatize the fact that you painted your normally nude nails. You only live once, right? Here’s your chance to put in your 2 cents. Tell the truth, ladies…what do YOU think?

Note: The nail polish I purchased is Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in #450 Lickety-Split Lime and #430 Brisk Blue. They’re wild, they’re wonderful, and they dry within minutes. What’s not to love about that?



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22 responses to “It’s not easy being green…

  1. KJ

    LOVE IT! I think you should wear whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want it! It brings color to the world and makes hearts smile!
    My motto: “Be yourself, an original is better than a copy!”
    Disclaimer: Wearing one’s britches on one’s head to the store may get one a extended vacation to the funny farm. I am not resposible for the ensuing events or reactions to taking my advice.
    Disclaimer: I’ve had too much caffeine this morning. Just go with it. ;-)

    • You’re last disclaimer would make an awesome T-shirt. Your first disclaimer is just good, solid advice. While I’ve never worn my britches on my head, our entire family did wear Depends outside of our clothes when we threw my mother a “first year cancer free” party to celebrate her first annual “clean” check-up after colon cancer. Some of my sisters also fashioned bras and hats out of Depends to complete the outfit. We also fashioned our own brown ribbons to wear. Seemed like the most appropriate color. It was a hoot, and Mom about lost it when she saw all of us in that get-up. We’re wacky like that. No one in my family struggles with being themselves. We’re a pretty outrageous bunch.

      • KJ

        This post made my day – hilarious and so sweet! Your family is blessed with great humor and that is one of the best blessings in life, IMHO! :-D JOY!

        P.S. Super congrats to your mother on her recovery! Cancer sucks.

      • Thanks, KJ. She’s been in the cancer free for 5 years now, and we’re thrilled.

  2. Katie

    I love the green and turquoise together versus the green color alone. I think it is fun to wear for St. Patty’s Day or your girls only weekend. If you have the style and confidence to pull it off then you will look amazing no matter what. confidence is the key! Go strut your stuff!!! :)

    • Thanks, Katie. The Complete Package will be happy to hear that you prefer the turquoise polka dots on the green. I was stunned when he suggested it. I went to the store and struck up a converstation with 2 ladies I’d never met. I could tell they were looking at my nails, but neither said anything. Made me wonder if they were thinking “wow…that really looks ridiculous” or “I wish I had her nerve.” I wish I could have read their minds – might have been really interesting. It’s so outside of my box, that I feel a little weird wearing it. But I’ll all about trying new things lately, and this is definitely new for me. So I’m off to go strut my stuff!!

      • I thought the opposite! I love the green, but the polka dots made me dizzy. However, I love the concept.
        I went wild this weekend with my nails and did black. BLACK. That is not in my normal repertoire, but I feel pretty bada$$ about the whole thing.
        We should all get a little wild.

      • Agreed! Let’s all get a little wild and crazy now and then. It’s only nail polish, after all. It’s not like we’re all getting matching blogger tats. I’ve never done black nail polish, but I did look at a deep purple that was almost black, and I’ve held a midnight blue and contemplated whether or not I had the chutzpah to pull it off. I’m so proud of you! You go, Mads. Go with your bada$$ self!

  3. Now that is talent right there! The question is, did the right one turn out as good as the left? I am left hand retarded, LOL :), so when it comes time for ol’ lefty to paint my right hand…..not so pretty! I LOVE it!

    • Why do you think I photographed my left hand? Actually, that’s because the button on my camera makes it impossible to take a photo with my left hand. The answer is “NO” – my right hand never looks as good as my left. That’s why I use a Q-tip and put a thin schmear of Vasaline on my cuticles before painting for easier clean-up. And here’s my tip for painting polka dots – use a flat headed toothpick. Just dip the flat end into the polish, then dot it on. The key is to rest the heel of your hand on the table before applying the polish to keep your hand steady. After that, PhotoShop helps!

      • You are *freakin’ brilliant*!!! Yes, your brilliance requires 3 exclamation points. (The drama kind of goes with the nail polish.) My cuticles are a mess after painting my nails–never would I have thought to put a little vaseline on them first.

        I like the polka dots, for sure. I thought the green was a little to baby puke on its own, but the polka dots make it hip & fun. That said, I would wear the green on its own on my toes. I’m complicated, sometimes.

        When deciding between “that looks ridiculous” and “I wish I had her nerve,” always choose the latter. I think you are cool enough to pull it off.

      • Wow! Now THAT’S an endorsement! And I love how your drama matches my own! I also love that you are brutally honest with me (baby puke). It good to know that baby puke can be converted to “hip & fun” with the addition of the blue dots. I’ll keep that in mind the next time I grab the green nail polish. Or buy a green shirt.

  4. TCP

    Blue dots is the clear winner. Plain green is just bright.

    P.S. nice ring! If you zoom in you can see the hearts and arrows in the diamond.

    • Way to pat yourself on the back, honey. For those who are craving details, TCP replaced the diamond in my engagement ring for our 20th wedding annversary YEARS AGO. The old stone was not great quality, but it was all we could afford back in 1982. The new diamond is an Aglaia ideal cut hearts & arrows diamond, and it’s a keeper. When it hits the light, it throws out a million little rainbows. That’s the beauty of a flawless cut – it captures the light like nobody’s business. It was a special day. I cried when I put it on for the first time. If you’re into diamonds and want to know more about the brand, you can find them at
      And yes, honey, you deserve a pat on the back. You da’ man.

  5. 1. You have nice nails. Mine are short and stubby.

    2. The first all green picture I wasn’t so sure about until you mentioned it would be for St. Patrick’s Day. Go for it!

    3. Love the turquoise dots! Really fun and cute.

    4. You and PW today are making me seriously consider doing my nails. We should mark that in the record books. :)

    • 1. My nails are usually split and broken.
      2. I blame the menopause.
      3. I’m definitely doing the green for St. Patty’s Day
      4. Couldn’t believe Ree posted about nails today, too. Whudda the odds?
      5. There’ll be no living with TCP when he see that you like the dots, too. He already refers to you as “my reader with uncommonly good taste” since you agreed with him once before. You two should really get a room. ;-}

  6. Big Sis

    Ok, I love the colors, but I think I would go with the blue nails with green dots!! I’m just not a green person. Now if we are doing this for Ho Garden we will have to find hot pink, neon orange, bright yellow and purple!!! Go Hawaii-5-Hoes!!!

    • Well, whuddya know? I already have 3 shades of bright pink in the fast dry formula AND I have longhorn orange, too. That just leaves the yellow and purple! Give ME an excuse to go shopping, will ya’! I love a challenge!

  7. Purple and Gold, Gold and Purple; you can’t go wrong with those colors. You don’t need any of that Longhorn crap… Stick with the purple and gold!!!

    Go LSU!

    • Why, I declare! We got us a Mike the Tiger fan. Leave it to a tiger to try to besmirch a longhorn. And leave it to a tiger to comment on nail polish. Next thing you know, you’ll be wearing hot pink short shorts.

      Hook ’em, Bama Boy (my son-in-law)

  8. the baby

    Hey Princess Fiona, I have to give this one to TCP, the dots do make it. I could only see Shrek with the green, don’t get me wrong, I like Ogres but I’d have to go more Gingy with my nails. I had just bought some polish for Ho Garden the other day but it was a light to dark OPI collection that goes from baby powder pink to an eggplant color that is almost black. I worked my toes thru the gamut this weekend. Gabe the Babe liked the darkest one. It’s Lincoln Park After Dark. I too liked the Vaseline tip; I made a complete mess out of my toes. I only did my fingernails in clear but if you look close enough, I screwed that up too.

    • When you said Gingy, all I could think was “Nooooo! Not my gumdrop buttons!” I was planning to pick up a purple, but your Lincoln Park After Dark sounds perfect. I’m impressed that you painted your toenails. I’m not sure I could even reach mine. ;-}

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