“I Heart Faces” Photo Contest Entry: “Best Face of 2010” & My Jonah Bear

Have you seen the “I Heart Faces” website yet? It’s a great resource for photography tutorials and tips, and they have great contests for readers to post their own photos, as well. I entered a photo of my dog furry son, Ziggy, a few weeks back, and now I’m entering this photo of my grandson, Jonah, for their newest contest called “Best Face Photo of 2010.” Is it the best face of 2010? Maybe not, but it makes me laugh every time I see it. I love that little boy more than I love chocolate. And that’s saying a lot. Good luck, Jonah Bear!



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9 responses to ““I Heart Faces” Photo Contest Entry: “Best Face of 2010” & My Jonah Bear

  1. I love “I Heart Faces” and that picture of Jonah-Bear is wonderful. Great lighting and his little face is perfect for the mustache! :)

    • I call him Ricco Suave in that photo, and I imagine him speaking with a Spanish accent, like Antonio Banderas. “Pahncakes…but ob course I would lub some pahncakes!”

  2. skye snyder

    I think your Jonah Bear and our Marley Bear would be friends. CUTE! Great shot!

  3. philpotphotography

    Haha – that is great!

  4. Adorable! Love his little stash.

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