My Annual Halloween Dilemma: Should I eat it or should I give it away?

We all do it. We buy the candy we love to give out at Halloween and we end up eating as much or more than we give away. I’m not going to lie. There are always a few Almond Joy wrappers buried deep in my kitchen trash each October. So I ask myself – did I really need to buy 4 bags of miniature Snickers? No. Will 4 bags make it to the door Sunday night? No. I’m just being honest. Chances are good some of this stuff is going to “disappear” before the sun goes down on Sunday. Each year, I promise myself that next fall I’ll buy black licorice (yuck!) and white chocolate (so not a chocolate it’s not even accurate) so I’m not tempted, but do I? No. This year I vowed to buy healthier alternatives for the candy bowl. Things like raisins and pretzels and snack mix and sugar-free gum and dental floss. To which, The Complete Package said “Great! Now our house is SURE to be toilet-papered!” and “Honey, no one wants to be the house that gives out scag candy.” It’s the dilemma that haunts my every Halloween – will I be fat and popular, or less fat and toilet-papered? And you thought peer pressure was just for high-schoolers. So I have to ask…what’s in your candy bowl this year?

Snickers and Skittles and Crunch Bars....Oh, My!



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10 responses to “My Annual Halloween Dilemma: Should I eat it or should I give it away?

  1. If I had 4 bags of candy, I’d have 0 bags left by Halloween. I have NO self control. For this reason I usually wait until the last minute and go to the store grabbing whatever candy is leftover! :)

    • Oooo…risky move. Last minute shopping makes me a nervous wreck. I’m a planner. But you’ll notice from the photo that there are NO Almond Joys, NO Mounds, and NO Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in the bowl this year. So I guess I do have at least a limited amount of self-control. We’ll see if that holds true or not by Monday. What I’m really craving this year is a caramel apple!

  2. Sister #3

    I won’t be at home for Halloween so you can just send your leftovers to me!

    • You do realize it’s in the 90’s here in south Texas. If I mail you my leftover chocolate, I’m going to have to put it in a Ziploc bag and you’re going to have to drink it with a straw. Oh, wait….I forgot who I was talking to. OF COURSE, you’d be willing to drink it out of a bag! You’re the most devoted chocolate lover I know. Happy Halloween!

  3. Big Sis

    Ok, so I confess. I have 3 medium bags, one large and one enormous bag of candy and 3 Almond Joys and 4 Snickers have gone missing this week and that’s just me. I have no idea what St. David or the kids have eaten already!! But the weird thing is that I have been craving a caramel apple also!!!

  4. Craftiest

    I went to a friends house in Oak Cliff to pass out candy. We counted over 1400 kids, yep, that’s right, it was 1463 to be exact. Now I admit, some of them doubled and may have even triple dipped but they got theirs in the end. One of the neighbors was handing out hotel sized boxes of Fiber One cereal. How mean is that? I would rather have a tooth brush or dental floss than that cardboard crap! I wish I had taken a picture of the candy pile before we started handing it out. It was very impressive. I think it could have easily filled a 100 gallon fish tank and still not gotten all of it to fit. It was that much candy.

    • Jiminy Christmas! That’s a lot of candy! You must have hit Costco again. We had about 100-120 kids, and I was thrilled. Last year we had 15-20. I can’t imagine 1,463 trick-or-treaters in one night. Amazing! And I’m with you – the Fiber One cereal is crap, but the Fiber One snack bars are fabulous, especially the chocolate chip. And the next time you have access to a giant pile of candy, snap a photo! For some sugar lovers, that would be a fantasy come true!

  5. Since mine are still little, we aren’t ever home to pass out candy – but I always, always make my babies dress up in costume (I usually do too) – but my babies, even if they are only a few months old – get a bucket for their very “own” candy….(wink – wink) – because I wouldn’t want them to feel left out or anything!

    • Nice! I think every mother has done that! It’s like the movie “Bolt” where the cat makes the dog beg for food because everyone thinks dogs are cute. No one can resist giving cute costumed babies candy, even though rationally we know they can’t eat it. That’s why I make sure to give the good chocolate to infants. We moms have to stick together.

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