Quick Crafts: A Halloween Centerpiece

A quick and easy Halloween centerpiece for under $30. Love it!

There’s an awesome store near my house called Home Goods. It’s the TJMaxx of home decor and accessories. When I need anything for the house, it’s my “go to” store. Thanks to Home Goods and a quick run to Hobby Lobby, I was able to pull together this cute, colorful holiday centerpiece for under $30. I love it when I can be creative and cheap at the same time. It’s like all the crafting stars align. It’s what Martha would call a “good thing.”

I love this Pumpkin Man

I started with an orange and black polka-dot plate, a colorful pumpkin man statue (love him!) and a Halloween Yankee Candle from Home Goods. I anchored each element to the plate using that ticky-tack sticky stuff so things wouldn’t slide around. It worked really well. You can pick up the plate and carry it around the house, and nothing moves or falls off. Next, I pulled out my Hobby Lobby shopping bag and added a sting of battery-powered lights, a black feather boa, a cup full of candy corn, and some cute foam spiders in black, orange and purple that matched the colors of my pumpkin man. I printed a quick “Happy Halloween” label on the color printer, folded it for stability, and stuck it down in front. That’s it! Only twenty minutes to assemble and it’s done!

The best of Halloween - colorful candy corn, spiders & candles

I love that it’s fun, colorful and cute so it brightens any table or corner, and it won’t scare the grandkids. The key is to start with one interesting piece (in this case, the pumpkin man) and then add colorful elements that coordinate and enhance the fun. Pick things in various sizes and heights to keep it interesting, and don’t be afraid to try different combinations. I set the plate down in Home Goods and tried several different candles and decorations before I settled on a combination that worked. I also moved everything around on the plate several times before I was satisfied with the arrangement. Just jump in and do it, and don’t be afraid to experiment! The result is a centerpiece that was quick and easy to assemble at a great price that will bring some funky fun to any party. I just love Halloween. Now get out there and scare up your own centerpiece!


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