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Dreaming of warm, sandy beaches…

It’s cold in Houston today. Really cold, or at least really cold for us. I should be grateful. I have family in Tulsa, Oklahoma where they are experiencing their snowiest winter ever. I also have family in northwestern Arkansas, where they’ve had ice and snow for weeks on end. And I have family in the Dallas area, where the ice and snow gained national attention with Sunday’s Super Bowl game. And yet, here I sit…snuggled up with my dog, wearing two pairs of thick socks and sweatpants, drinking hot coffee, contemplating lighting the gas logs, and day-dreaming of far away places with warm, sandy beaches. I’m cold, and it’s my coping mechanism. To those of you who are being held in a death grip by Old Man Winter, I send you warm wishes and my hope that sunshine and warmth will replace frozen misery very soon, and day dreams of warm, sandy beaches.



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