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Tuesday Tidbits

Is it just me, or is the week after a holiday a little depressing? No more turkey. No more dressing. No more pie. Just laundry and dust bunnies and empty pantry shelves. In an effort to recapture last week, I’ve been pouring over last week’s photos. Some were taken in Tulsa, where we spent a few days with The Complete Package’s family. Others were taken east of Dallas, where my family gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas (we call it Thanxmas) and my sister’s new house in the country. Here’s a sampling from our week.

Tulsa Fall Color – this year the trees were glorious

Tulsa Tradition – No trip to Tulsa is complete without a stop downtown at Coney Island, where they’ve served the best chili dogs I’ve ever eaten since 1926. I don’t mean that I started eating them in 1926. I mean they’ve been serving them since 1926. Although I’m pretty sure I could 1926 of them, given enough time. And Fritos. And Alka Seltzer.

Tulsa Rose Garden – Surprisingly, there were still roses in bloom. Lucky me!

In the country, east of Dallas – nothing but peace & quiet & family

Sunsets in the country are just more spectacular somehow. So is star gazing. We don’t get to see the stars much in Houston with our bright lights and our urban sprawl. But out here, away from town, the sky seems darker and the stars shine brighter. Add a campfire and a cocktail, and it’s almost perfect. Oh, wait. The grandbabies were there this year, so it WAS perfect!

You had to know there’d be a gratuitous shot of the grandkids in there somewhere, right? I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the people you’re thankful for. And I wish you a happy holiday season as December approaches. Which reminds me… have you finished your Christmas shopping? Have you started? Are you sending cards this year? Or should we not go there?



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