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Today, I sat in my kitchen and cried.

It’s a sad, sad day in the NanaBread kitchen. Today, I opened my last roll of Job Squad paper towels. The corporate nincompoops at Kleenex have decided to discontinue my favorite brand. How does a company decide to discontinue the best product they make? I’m at a loss for words. While it may be true that Job Squad wasn’t the best seller in the paper towel aisle, anyone who used them will testify that nothing worked better.

Farewell Job Squad, I Knew Thee Well

Those paper towels have seen me through a lot of messes over the years. They cleaned my mirrors and windows. They polished my countertops. They helped me clean up dog vomit when Ziggy ate too many french fries. They cleaned up Jonah Bear when he ate carrots for the first time and wore most of the jar. Job Squad was there for me when I bought all new stainless appliances for the kitchen and obsessed about fingerprints. They were there when the plastic tub of spaghetti sauce exploded in my microwave because I didn’t open the lid first. They soaked up the milk from the paper carton that leaked all over my fridge and milk from Jonah and Lilly’s bottles when they rode in my car. Yep…today, I sat in my kitchen and cried. Not because there are no other paper towels out there to choose from; sure there are. I shed a tear because one of my dearest friends is gone forever. One I deeply cared for and came to rely on. I loved you dearly, Job Squad. You will be greatly missed.



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