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My deal of the week OR How I bought a great purse so cheap it felt like I stole it OR God bless Macy’s. You pick.

I went to Macy’s last Thursday to find some shoes. Comfortable walking shoes, that’s what I was looking for. Something to wear on vacation when you’re planning to walk for hours on end. Something I could slip on and off easily so I wouldn’t get cursed at in the security line at the airport. You know what I mean. You’ve been there. If you didn’t curse out loud, you totally did it in your head. Hopefully. So anyway, I walked into Macy’s with my mind set on walking shoes that didn’t look like something a nurse would wear for long shift work and I got lucky. I found a pair I liked that fit. Sounds easy, but really it’s not for me. You see, I wear a size 10 double narrow. Yeah, wrap your head around that for a second. Not one to just buy one thing and walk out when I’m all alone with time to kill, I handed my super cute, uber comfortable vacation shoes to the cashier and had her hold them while I perused the purse department.

Now I may or may not have mentioned that I have a handbag addiction, which is funny because I usually carry a small purse at all times. The same small, cross-body bag… all the time. It’s a Baggallini. I have their Everyday Bag in tan with a light blue lining, and it’s awesome. But as I was saying, I still find myself drawn to purses. Is it a genetic thing? I wonder. Are girls programmed to love purses? Am I betraying my gender by even asking that question? If it’s not genetic, then it is most likely a virus I picked up – probably from touching a shopping cart at the grocery store. PS – thank you, Store Managers, for putting sanitizing wipes next to the grocery carts. I love you for that. I really do.

But I digress. Here is my find of the week from Macy’s:

It's actually a nice olive green. I promise.

It’s big. It’s a great shade of olive green, and it has all kinds of fabulous pockets and zippered hidey holes. The color in this photo washed out. I tried to fix it so it would look more realistic, but it just made the ivory door in the background look orange. Here’s a photo of the back of the purse, for purse-o-files:

The back side. Ha! I said backside.

The color is a little more true-to-life in this photo, but it’s still a little washed out. I probably should have taken it outside to photograph it, but that would just make my neighbors wonder why I was standing on my lawn snapping pics of a purse. Most of them don’t know I blog, and I like that. Makes me feel stealthy. Mysterious. Anonymous. I could say anything about them, and they wouldn’t know it was me. But I wouldn’t, because I have a hard and fast rule that I never put anyone’s photo or real name in my blog without their permission. Sometimes, it’s just hard being good.

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “Wow. She really needs to put down the Dr Pepper” and I would but I already finished it and threw the can in the recycling bin. It was tasty. I had it with a gyro combination plate at my local Mediterranean grocer today at lunch. Drank it straight out of the can with a straw, because I’m that girl who thanks store managers for putting sanitizing wipes next to shopping carts. I also sourced some garbanzos, haloumi cheese, pita bread and some Syrian yogurt, but I’ll save that for another post. Here’s a hint: it starts with chicken and ends with shawarma. I know, right?!

But let’s wrap up this purse story first, shall we? I saw it hanging in the purse department at Macy’s and I instantly loved it. One look at the price tag, and I knew it could be mine. Originally priced at $85, it had been marked down to $45, and then down to $25. Now, I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I see an $85 designer purse (even if I’ve never heard of Giani Bernini) marked down to $25, I’m thinking “I could do this.” I walked away once and thought it over as I browsed, but then circled back like a shark and grabbed it. I had to. The power of Macy’s compelled me. C’mon… just look at how much space is in this bag!

This purse is gonna make me lose my mind... up in here, up in here

So jump ahead now to me at the cash register, reclaiming my cute walking shoes and handing over my new olive green purse for payment. Cue the angel music, because when she rang up the purse, it came up as $20. That’s right… my sale purse was on sale! My $25 dollar formerly $85 dollar purse was on sale for 20% off. Shut the front door! All I can say is “Thank you, God in heaven for Macy’s clearance sales.” Well, that and “And I’ll try to be good from now on” because it never hurts to throw that in. Notice I said try. My momma didn’t raise no fool.



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