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Whoa, Santa! You kind of outdid yourself there. Way to go, big guy!

I knew I was good this year, but I had no idea I was this good. Either Santa was feeling generous, or he totally came to the wrong house. Either way, I’m claiming the ‘no take-backs’ rule and also the ‘I touched it last’ rule. So if this set-up was supposed to go to my neighbor instead, tough shitsky. Sorry; that was harsh. I should work on being nicer to others in 2012. But I’m still not giving it back.

Here’s what Santa done brung me:

1. Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Brewer – it’s way cool, and it’s shiny. I love shiny. It has a huge water reservoir with a built-in filter to purify our softener-laden tap water AND it makes coffee, tea or hot cocoa one cup at a time, which means I can stop pouring leftover coffee down the sink every morning. See honey, I’m already saving you money!

2. Nespresso Aerocinno 3 Milk Frother – you heard me; it’s a milk frother. It heats milk and then whips it with a tiny beater to create that glossy, peaked foam you get at fancy coffee houses. And when I say ‘beats it to a frothy peak’, I mean it takes my cold 2% milk and turns it into piping hot milk with a head on it like whipped meringue. Talk about putting frosting on a cupcake! This baby is a keeper. Now I have to learn to make shamrocks and leaves and other fancy shapes in the top of my coffee (or not).

3. Starbucks City Collection Cups – this is a gift I give myself. It started years ago with a trip to Seattle and a visit to the ‘original’ Starbucks at Pike Place Market. Since then, I have collected these giant coffee mugs from cities around the world – Stuttgart, Istanbul, Prague, Amsterdam, etc. I love them. They’re a colorful way to reminisce about great trips over a morning cuppa joe. And did I mention they’re huge? Yeah… make mine a double.

4. K-Cup Rack and the cups to fill it – Santa was kind enough to provide a thoughtful variety of K-cups to kick-start my addiction. There’s Donut Shop Decaf for late nights and Tully’s French Roast for those mornings when I need a kick in the seat to get me moving. There is also a baker’s dozen of assorted other coffee flavors from a sampler box, as well as a supply of dark chocolate hot cocoa and some Twinings English Breakfast tea. Santa knows me well.

So I guess this wasn’t meant for my neighbor after all. Maybe I really WAS a good girl this year. That’s a relief. But then, that means I owe someone a BIG thank you. Lord help me; I hope that doesn’t mean what I think it means {wink}.



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