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My sweet Jonah Bear just turned 4, and I’m torn between celebrating and crying

Jonah Bear is my sweet grandson; my first grandchild. He is joy personified. I smile just thinking about him. And I laugh when I’m with him because he is exceptionally funny for a little kid. He’s also a singer, a superhero, and a genius…but I’m clearly biased. This week, my Jonah Bear turned four. I can hardly believe it. Part of me is excited that he’s growing up and changing, and part of me is depressed that he’s growing up and changing. He’s a little man now, but he was just a baby yesterday. That’s how it seems, anyway. Sometimes he’ll say, “Nana, do you want me to grow up?” And I say, “Yes, Jonah Bear. I want you to grow up and become a man some day. I just want you to do it very slowly.” Then he says “okay!” with a big grin and it just kills me. Here’s a glimpse at my sweet boy and how he’s changed over the years. Look fast, because he’ll be graduating from college in a few weeks. And I’ll be sobbing and cheering. Mostly sobbing.

Jonah as a newborn - holding TCP's hand

Jonah turns one - my little Santa Baby

Jonah Bear turns 2 & learns to shave

Jonah Bear at 3 - he's not a baby, he's a boy

Jonah at 4 - I couldn't love him any more. Happy birthday, punkin.



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