My sweet Jonah Bear just turned 4, and I’m torn between celebrating and crying

Jonah Bear is my sweet grandson; my first grandchild. He is joy personified. I smile just thinking about him. And I laugh when I’m with him because he is exceptionally funny for a little kid. He’s also a singer, a superhero, and a genius…but I’m clearly biased. This week, my Jonah Bear turned four. I can hardly believe it. Part of me is excited that he’s growing up and changing, and part of me is depressed that he’s growing up and changing. He’s a little man now, but he was just a baby yesterday. That’s how it seems, anyway. Sometimes he’ll say, “Nana, do you want me to grow up?” And I say, “Yes, Jonah Bear. I want you to grow up and become a man some day. I just want you to do it very slowly.” Then he says “okay!” with a big grin and it just kills me. Here’s a glimpse at my sweet boy and how he’s changed over the years. Look fast, because he’ll be graduating from college in a few weeks. And I’ll be sobbing and cheering. Mostly sobbing.

Jonah as a newborn - holding TCP's hand

Jonah turns one - my little Santa Baby

Jonah Bear turns 2 & learns to shave

Jonah Bear at 3 - he's not a baby, he's a boy

Jonah at 4 - I couldn't love him any more. Happy birthday, punkin.



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4 responses to “My sweet Jonah Bear just turned 4, and I’m torn between celebrating and crying

  1. Pat Counts

    So true. They grow up way too fast. My grandkids are soon to be 12 and 14!!! Pretty soon they will pass us in age, huh. Pat

    • I don’t want them to grow up too fast. I want it to last so I can treasure every moment. He and Lilly just melt my heart! They’ll be in high school before we know it, and it makes me sad, but also excited for them. Mostly, I’m just extremely grateful to live close enough to get to see it all happen. Being a grandmother (even in your 40’s) is awesome. Totally, ridiculously awesome.

  2. NanaBread's Baby

    I love this post. I feel the same way about them growing up. Parenting is exciting and heartwarming, but also strange and bittersweet. On Lilly’s 1st birthday I spent half the day being sad and depressed and half the day excited and happy for her. It all happens so fast! I’m glad you guys get to be close too, it is great that they are so close to you and Dad. We love you!!

    • It’s funny how much better you understand your parents when you have children of your own. I know how my Mom felt, and now you are starting to understand how I felt watching you grow up. It’s a million emotions mixed into two little lives. We couldn’t be more proud of you. You are a wonderful mommy, and Jonah & Lilly are living proof of it. We love you, too, honey!

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