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Meet Hercules and Mr. Clean

Laundry has never been my thing. Ironing is even worse. The Complete Package can attest to the fact that 90% of his wardrobe says “wrinkle resistant” on the tags. I still don’t like to iron. To me, it’s the most tedious of all household chores. I’d rather scrub the grout in my kitchen floor tile. I know there are people out there who like to iron, who may even say they find it relaxing. I can accept that, I just don’t understand it.

Meet Hercules (dryer) & Mr. Clean (washer)

A few months ago, we remodeled our laundry room. We repainted the walls, put in a new tile floor, and put up new shelving and wall hooks. We also brought home Hercules and Mr. Clean – my two new best friends. I used to dislike laundry day, but now I love it. I love it so much, my husband jokes when he finds me in the laundry room that I’m “watching the laundry channel again.” It’s because I love my new front loaders. I’ve never had one before. They’re huge, they’re fascinating, and they can wash and dry a king size comforter or 36 bath towels in a single load. That’s impressive! But let’s be honest here…they had me at “quiet.” Our old Kenmore set was so loud we couldn’t hear the television in the next room even if we closed and locked the laundry room door. The new Samsung front loaders are so much better. We can still hear them, but it’s now a gentle hum instead of a bone rattling clank. They’re also energy efficient and use a lot less water and electricity. I love that Mr. Clean has a “sanitize” setting for washing Lilly Bug’s diaper blow-outs and Hercules has several steam dry settings, including “refresh” for when I go brain dead and forget to remove that permanent press load on time. Yup…now that these two full-frontal friends have come into our home, I’m digging laundry day. I’m downright giddy. And I hope the warm glow of enchantment never washes off.


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