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Buy Local Spotlight: The Flower Markets on Fannin in Houston, Texas

Do you live in Houston, Texas? Do you love fresh-cut flowers? If you love them like I do, you need to visit the flower markets on Fannin. My personal favorite is Rosewood Flowers at 4821 Fannin, just south of 59 and north of Hermann Park. The Complete Package and I like to stop by whenever we’re in that part of town, which just happened to be yesterday. Lucky me! Not only do I have a thoughtful husband who takes me on dates to try new restaurants, but he takes me to Rosewood and lets me pick out whatever I want. Yesterday, I went in search of peonies, but I found orange Gerbera daisies, yellow mums and two dozen yellow roses – the official flower of the state of Texas. Usually, I’m a pink rose or peony kind of girl, but yesterday these beauties jumped out and brightened my day. They’re so vibrant and colorful, I just couldn’t ignore them. Thanks to TCP, I have a lovely bouquet to enjoy for the next week or so. And the best part is that I got 40 gorgeous flowers for around $35. The next time you’re in the area, drop in and check out the enormous selection of fresh-cut and potted flowers available. If you’re visiting downtown Houston via the Metro Rail line, don’t forget to hop off and shop!

Now…how about you? Have you been to the Fannin flower markets? Is there a flower market near you that you like to visit? If you love fresh-cut flowers, I’d love to know what your favorites are!



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