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My Baby’s Big Day in Austin, Texas

My Baby & friends at the finish line. Why don't they look like they just ran 6 miles?

My Baby ran her first 10K this weekend – the Austin Statesman Capitol 10K. It’s the largest 10K race in Texas, and the fifth largest in the nation. It was really impressive to see that many runners in downtown Austin. There were couples in tutus, a group in Gumby costumes, the entire cadet class of the Austin Police Department, a cadet corps of Aggies, a few luche libres, The Mario Brothers, two friends dressed as Dr. Seuss’ Thing One & Thing Two, a couple that got engaged at the finish line and a guy dressed like a cast member from Braveheart.

They may take this guy's dignity, but they'll never take his freedom.

But we were there for just one runner, and in a sea of more than 13,000+ participants, our beautiful daughter crossed that finish line with a smile on her face and her arms over her head in victory. I wish you could have seen her.

Jonah Bear was yelling like a maniac when he saw his mommy come around the corner and cross that line. It was an exciting moment. Not only did she finish with flair, she was able to text us as she ran so the kids could follow her progress on the race map. Now that’s talent. She ran the 10K (6.2 miles) in 1:14:52. Congratulations, honey. We may be proud parents, but you are a rock star!


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