Traveling TX: Lost Maples State Park

Do you ever dream of getting away from it all? Job, cell phone, e-mail, other people… all of it? The Complete Package and I found a place that does that for us. It’s called St. Clare’s Cabin near Leakey, Texas. If you’ve been a reader for a while, you’ll remember we went there last Christmas. This rustic, fabulous cabin is everything we look for in a getaway – quaint, quiet & remote.

LeakeyTX - Porch at St Clare's Cabin

The cabin is in the middle of nowhere in the Texas Hill Country – 4 miles from Vanderpool, 11 miles from Leakey. Still don’t know where that is? Well, that’s the point. It’s waaaaay out there, in the mountains northwest of San Antonio. So far out I had to drive to Bandera to get a cell signal. For real. And I loved it.

Last year, we went just before Christmas. This year, we decided to go right after Thanksgiving and I’m so glad we did. There was still some fall color to ‘ooh & aah’ over. To make the most of it, we visited Lost Maples State Park to try to catch the maples at their finest. We were almost too late, but there was still some beauty to behold. Here’s a sampling of our afternoon hiking Lost Maples.

Lost Maples - Lone Maple with Cliffs

Lost Maples - Pond at Trailhead

Lost Maples - Orange Maple

Lost Maples - Creek withTexas Rock

Did you notice that big rock in the middle of the creek? It immediately caught my eye. Why? Because it looks like the state of Texas, if the entire eastern side of the state crumbled and fell off. Err… sorry, Houston!

Lost Maples - Texas Rock

I’m taking that as a sign that we should move to the Hill Country. {wink} Another cool feature found near the water is the limestone rock that has literally been picked up by the cypress tree roots and incorporated into the trees.

Lost Maples - Cypress Stump with Rocks

The trails through Lost Maples are lovely. Some are steep and challenging; some are more level and lazy. Whichever you choose, the most important thing is to get out of the car and enjoy the trails. Pack a picnic lunch and find a quiet spot by the river. Take a nap under a maple or hike the loop & enjoy the foliage.

Lost Maples - Steps on Maple Loop

It’s so beautiful under the canopy of maples, you can’t help but relax.

To learn more about Lost Maples State Park, visit Texas Parks & Wildlife.



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14 responses to “Traveling TX: Lost Maples State Park

  1. Amy

    Gorgeous pictures, Jeanne!

  2. So beautiful! Lucky you! :) Happy Holidays!

  3. For me, there is nothing in nature like fall colors. They can take your breath away. :) How wonderful to have a peace filled get away! I hope that calm stays with you through out the year ahead! :)

    • Thank you, Wendy. I hope it stays with me, too! If not, I’ll call and book another week next year. We’ve been to this cabin three times now, and it never gets old. Especially in the fall. Wishing you peace for the coming year, as well! -jeanne

  4. Texas is it’s own little world…so many hidden gems!

    • Agreed, Sheila. The mountains around Lost Maples are certainly one of those gems. Next on my list is to explore west Texas, see Big Bend, find the Marfa lights, and sit on a secluded porch and watch the stars.

  5. Claudia

    “Do you ever dream of getting away from it all?” Well, do I ever! Life’s been a little crazy recently, so I’m ready to hide under a rock and forget about the world for a while. Too bad your pretty cabin is not somewhat more close-by, because those photographs paint a stunning picture. I’d love to ooh and aah over those maples and sit by the fireplace (not sure about the outdoor shower though). Luckily, we have a secret hiding place in Normandy, France. Not many maples there, but France has other perks (FOOD!!!). Two more weeks and we’re off again. Tough part is that at the end of every stay, it gets a little harder going home. So one day, I guess we’ll just don a French beret, produce a Gallic shrug and substitute Gouda cheese for camembert for the rest of our lives :)

    • And just like that, I’ve been one-upped. I love you, Claudia. I go to the sticks; you go to Normandy. Ooo, poor you. Drinking wine and eating cheese. How DO you stand it? :) (Yes, that is jealousy raising its ugly head.) If you’re planning to retire to Paris, it had better be the one located in northeast Texas. That’s all I’m saying about that.

  6. The Hill Country is, indeed, calling ;)
    I remember visiting Lost Maples when I was probably five or six. My mom was pregnant at the time with my brother–it was the first and last time we went camping as a family :D But I do remember the park being beautiful.

    • I can’t stop laughing over the idea that the camping trip when your mom was pregnant was your first and last. ALL of our family vacations were camping trips, which is probably why I don’t go camping as an adult. Oh, the memories (and tick checks)! Maybe you can get your Mom to join you for a weekend at St. Clare’s Cabin. They have all the beauty of Lost Maples – without the sleeping bags & bugs. And your kids will LOVE the giant fenced yard and creek. Jonah Bear & Lilly Bug could have thrown rocks into the water for days.

  7. I feel so relaxed by just looking at the gorgeousness and reading about the cabin. I know, however, the pixels couldn’t possibly reveal all the glory. I’m bookmarking this for a future whim. Thank you for the mind travel, Jeanne!

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