My Favorite Season: Fall

Maine - Somesville Bridge

Oh, fall… I miss you so much. I miss experiencing all four seasons and the benefits of each like leaves turning, snow falling or bulbs blooming. But mostly I miss sweaters and drinking hot cocoa at high school football games. I long for those days when you can step outside and see your breath. In the suburbs south of Houston, we have only two seasons – Summer & More Summer. Our change of season comes down to this: in February, we stop mowing for 3-4 weeks.

The Complete Package and I both love Fall. So much so, we usually travel north each year just to celebrate autumn. Since we’ll be remodeling our master bathroom instead of traveling this year, I’m celebrating the advent of fall with a few photos from our trip to Acadia National Park in Maine back in 2008. It was glorious. So welcome, Fall. Please come see us. We miss you something fierce.

Foliage in Acadia Natl Park

Acadia Maine - Sun Through Fall Foliage

Acadia Maine Leaves in Water

Acadia - Path to Jordan Pond

Somesville Main Tree in Fall

Ever thought of visiting Acadia National Park? Learn more HERE. Some of our other fall favorites – Glacier National Park, Calgary & Banff, Yellowstone & The Tetons, and the Oregon coast. Do you have a favorite place to visit in the fall? Please share! You may just inspire our next fall vacation or someone else’s.



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18 responses to “My Favorite Season: Fall

  1. Amy

    I feel certain I won’t be the only one to mention this, Jeanne – but Northern Michigan in the fall is stunning. :)

    • Hahaha! Amy, your comment had me laughing out loud. I’m stunned you beat Kirsten @ Comfortably Domestic to the punch on that one. Yes, I’ve heard fall is glorious there, but my heart is set on visiting the UP during the Cherry Festival. For real.

      • Amy

        Surprised me, too! I believe you’ll want to be in Northern Lower Michigan during Cherry Festival, though, not the UP – well, if you actually want to participate in Cherry Fest, that is. If what you’re thinking is that the Upper Peninsula might be less crowded while so many people visit TC for Cherry Fest – actually, it’s never crowded in the UP. Ever. Beautiful, glorious, wondrous, gorgeous, stunning – but never crowded. :) <3

      • Well, I must have my geographical references confused, because there’s no way I’d go to a Cherry Festival in Michigan outside of TC and away from my buddy Kirsten. No way. (Because she’d kill me.) Might have to take an extra week to see the rest of it afterwards, though!

  2. Big Sis

    Ok, those photos don’t even look real, either that or I’m jsut jealous of the whole thing!! ;) How is the remodel going?

    • Oh, they’re real and they’re spectacular! {Seinfeld reference} Maine really is that beautiful in the fall. Sister #4 is somewhere around there this week. I’m betting she’ll bring back snaps to prove it. Remodel begins this weekend. Fingers are crossed that all goes well.

  3. Claudia

    Gorgeous pictures! We have a great fall in the Netherlands too at the moment – lots of rain, glorious sunsets and clouds chasing each other across the sky. Summer is my least favorite season (hate the heat), and consequently, that makes fall my most favorite one. Maine, you say? Hmmm… time to move, I guess. Good luck on the remodeling! Expecting some pretty dramatic before-and-after pics ;-)

    • Thanks, Claudia! I love fall in the Netherlands, too! Strolling through the Delft market with a crisp breeze? Fabulous! Oliebollen… um, anywhere? Glorious! Wish we were coming over this fall, but sadly it’s not in the cards. If you’d like to vacation stateside, I have a great place for you to stay. Lots of room, fresh pineapples, updated bathroom facilities…


    OMGeezies! We’re headed that way later this afternoon! We’re in Portland Maine at the moment and plan to head out to Southwest Harbor and Acadia around lunch. It’s too early for the leaves. According to the locals the burst of color is the first and second weeks of October. Sorry we will miss the color but I’m not missing the hordes of folks that come with it. I feel like we almost have the area to ourselves!

    • Hooray! Glad you made it to Maine safely, and can’t wait to hear all about it Lil’ Sis. Sorry you’ll miss the fall foliage, but there’s still the lobsters. Oh, the lobsters! Please tell me you’ll eat your weight in them. Enjoy Acadia. I highly recommend a hike or carriage ride around the mountain and the pop-overs at Jordan Pond. Send snaps!

  5. That doesn’t look terrible. Jon and I were just talking about a trip to Maine in fall…not this year, but it’s definitely on the list. I guess now we know where to stay. My parents went and now they refuse to eat lobster in Minnesota. lol

    • You should go. And you should stay at the quaint old farmhouse we rented – it was amazing & very reasonably priced. And I know why your parents boycott lobster outside of Maine. When you can get a whole lobster fresh off the boat for $3/lb., you’ll forever refuse to spend $12 on an old grocery store lobster tail. Lobsters eaten in Maine are a religious experience.

  6. Beautiful! Such wonderful pictures. Coming by to say hello as we saw your name on Eileen of @The Joy of Caking’s Fall Dinner Party list. Love our blog! Best wishes ~ Sharon and Denise

  7. Oh Jeanne, your pictures are absolutely beautiful! They definitely depict what Fall is here in the Finger Lakes Region. Come visit us! We can do some wine tasting, leaf gawking, and thrift shopping.

    • Thank you, Eileen! That is one fabulous offer. I hope to make it up there someday, and when I do, wine tasting, leaf gawking and thrift shopping sounds perfect and lovely. -j

  8. How beautifully you captured “fall”! It is my favorite season as well. I live in Southwest Wisconsin, and traveling the Great River Road along the Mississippi offers some breath taking views. I also adore visiting the Smoky Mountains in the fall, my favorite destination!

    • Thank you so much, Kris. I haven’t been to Wisconsin (yet), but I share your love of the Smoky Mountains in the fall. It’s beautiful there! Montana is one of my favorites, too.

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