Even Grown-ups Need Their Mamas

I love this old photo of our mother. Look at her – she’s gorgeous! As a child, I used to stare at this snap and think my mother was a movie star. As an adult, I stare at it and wonder if Dad was trying to show off mom or his new stereo system. #glamourshotfail I can only assume this was taken pre-fivedaughters.

Mom - Dressed to Go Out - Edited

I’m showing it to you now because Mom’s on my mind, so I’m heading up there. I’ll be off the grid (aka – lost in rural Oklahoma) for the next 10 days. My mother barely gets television stations and her home phone service is always on the fritz, so I can only assume internet connectivity = none. Still, I’m excited! Big Sis and I will be driving up together. While we’re there, two of my other sisters are planning to drop in which means there will be food, board games, cocktails, arts & crafts, one-handed croquet and some antiquing. I can’t wait!

If you’re thinking “NO! HOW WILL I SURVIVE WITHOUT A NANABREAD POST THIS WEEK?” rest assured your check is in the mail & I’ll miss you, too.

Later, taters!
Jeanne (NanaBread)



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10 responses to “Even Grown-ups Need Their Mamas

  1. Deb

    Have a fabulous time and enjoy your family! See you when you get back! Safe travels!!

  2. The Baby

    This has always been one of my favorites too, along with the head shot and the one in capri’s on the hood of the car. I’ll see you on Tuesday!

  3. “NO! HOW WILL I SURVIVE WITHOUT A NANABREAD POST THIS WEEK?” Seriously, Sister. That’s a long time off the grid! I hope you have a wonderful trip with your mom & sisters. Kick their butts at croquet!

  4. She looks so glamorous!!! Have fun! :)

  5. What fun! Safe travels, enjoy your family!xoxoxSheila

  6. Beautiful photo! Your mom does look like a movie star! Enjoy your time with family. :) Safe travels.

  7. mjskit

    Your mother is gorgeous! Hope you and your sister have a great visit with her!

  8. I love looking at old family photo’s where the women dressed so elegantly and the men so dapper. What happened to us?? The picture of your mom is beautiful. I hope you enjoy your trip, and I’m waiting for the check – lol!

  9. Photos like this are gems to behold. Your Mom was a beauty in that snapshot of time and I suspect she still is.

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