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Even Grown-ups Need Their Mamas

I love this old photo of our mother. Look at her – she’s gorgeous! As a child, I used to stare at this snap and think my mother was a movie star. As an adult, I stare at it and wonder if Dad was trying to show off mom or his new stereo system. #glamourshotfail I can only assume this was taken pre-fivedaughters.

Mom - Dressed to Go Out - Edited

I’m showing it to you now because Mom’s on my mind, so I’m heading up there. I’ll be off the grid (aka – lost in rural Oklahoma) for the next 10 days. My mother barely gets television stations and her home phone service is always on the fritz, so I can only assume internet connectivity = none. Still, I’m excited! Big Sis and I will be driving up together. While we’re there, two of my other sisters are planning to drop in which means there will be food, board games, cocktails, arts & crafts, one-handed croquet and some antiquing. I can’t wait!

If you’re thinking “NO! HOW WILL I SURVIVE WITHOUT A NANABREAD POST THIS WEEK?” rest assured your check is in the mail & I’ll miss you, too.

Later, taters!
Jeanne (NanaBread)



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