Random Thoughts Thursday

It’s early Thursday morning and I desperately need coffee. So while I’m making a cup, feel free to browse a few random things that came up this week.

1. Bake Sale for Beka (aka Cookies for Crohn’s)
My friend Megan from Country Cleaver is hosting this amazing on-line bake sale benefitting the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America for the second year running. I’m participating again by baking four dozen of these Cherry Almond Shortbread Cookies dipped in dark Guittard chocolate. Holy yum!

Cherry & Almond Shortbreads - Inside NanaBread's Head

Made with flour & almond meal, dried Michigan cherries, toasted almonds & real butter these shortbread cookies stand on their own without any chocolate. But what fun is that? Seriously, when things can be dipped in dark chocolate, they absolutely should be. If these beauties have captivated you, you can bid on them! If you win, I’ll ship 4 dozen directly to your home, dipped in whichever type of chocolate you prefer – white, milk or dark. Winner’s choice.

To bid or browse the other selections generously donated by a plethora of fabulous food bloggers go to Megan’s website THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 22, 2013. That’s right, folks… this is a one day on-line auction benefiting the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation and celebrating Beka’s first half-marathon for the cure. For the record, on a scale of 1 to 10, Beka is a 15 kind of amazing. So mark your calendar and drop in on the Bake Sale for Beka to watch the bidding shenanigans. And if you end up with the winning bid on my cookies, I might just throw in a jar of homemade jelly. It’s been known to happen.

2. The Complete Package went to the Republic of Texas motorcycle rally in Austin and all we got were photos & disco light sabers.
Okay, that’s true but not entirely true. TCP (my beloved) DID attend the ROT Rally in Austin where his girlfriend (if I may brag a bit) took first place in the Metric Customs category. Yes, I refer to his motorcycle as his girlfriend. Here’s a snap in case you’re curious about her. Meh; she’s okay I guess. :)

TCP's Honda Fury

Each year, on Friday evening, participants in the motorcycle rally ride from the Austin fairgrounds into downtown in a bike parade that stretches more than 10 miles. MILES, people. And each year, My Baby and I take the grandkids downtown to watch the parade so they can see their Papi ride in. They get the biggest kick out of seeing him in the parade. It’s his rock star moment.

After he gets downtown and parks, we all walk Congress looking at the motorcycles and snapping photos. Here are a few from last Friday night. This first one is of Jonah Bear & Lilly Bug with ‘The Cat Lady’. She’s really popular.

ROT Rally 2013 - Jonah & Lilly with Cat Lady

ROT Rally 2013 - Strolling on Congress

ROT Rally 2013 - State Capitol

3. I took the kids back to Springdale Farm.
Remember last week when I mentioned I had the privilege of visiting Springdale Farm for the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance dinner as part of the BlogHer Food conference? It was a wonderful, magical night under the stars and trees.

Springdale Farm - US Farmers & Ranchers Dinner

I enjoyed it so much I vowed to bring My Baby and the kids for a visit, and last Saturday we did just that. Despite the heat, the kids had a great time and enjoyed walking the farm, spotting fresh vegetables, and picking out some to take home. In case I haven’t been clear in past posts, I L-O-V-E a good farmer’s market or farm stand and Springdale Farm is now one of my favorites. If you’re in Austin, please visit and support a local farmer. Food doesn’t get any fresher.

Lilly & The Chickens - Springdale Farm

Jonah & Lilly - walking the herb garden at Springdale Farm

Farm Stand at Springdale

Ever wondered what an artichoke looks like when it’s left to bloom? Well now you know. You’re not going to see that in a grocery store, folks!

Artichoke Blooms - Springdale Farm

We also attempted to take Jonah & Lilly on a mural hop around Austin. More on that later, but here’s a glimpse of what we did before we died of heat stroke.

Lilly & Jonah at Austin Mural

4. Nothing rocks summer like the glitter polish.
It started with pale pink glitter polish over raspberry red and it has now morphed into pale teal glitter over a dark teal base. For a girl who doesn’t usually paint her nails, I’m totally digging the disco glitter. Hello summer!

The Megan - Teal Sparkle Nails

5. Don’t forget this weekend’s Bake Sale for Beka on-line auction!
I mean it, people. Buy my cookies and I’ll make it worth your time & money. We’re talking FOUR DOZEN HANDMADE FROM SCRATCH COOKIES and homemade jam or jelly. If I could ship a puppy, I would. I’m not above bribery. Whatever it takes. Just bid. It’s for a good cause and there are cookbooks & cookies to be had. LOTS of cookies. For a preview, CLICK HERE.




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25 responses to “Random Thoughts Thursday

  1. Your cookies sound (and look) delicious. Still laughing over the girlfriend comment – lol… Have a good Thursday!

    • Thanks, Eileen! I love a good shortbread cookie, and the toasted almond meal in these really packs a lot of punch. It’s a nice compliment to the chewy sweet/tart Michigan cherries. Now I just need to get someone to bid a buhzillion bucks for them so our Bake Sale for Beka is a raging success! As for the girlfriend, she has to sleep in the garage every night and I’m okay with that. :D

  2. That Tiger Lady is terrifying. Related: I don’t like people in costume. Halloween? Not my favorite.
    Totally want to go to that farm and NEVER LEAVE.
    Finally, I can’t wait for the bake sale – all sorts of yummy looking goodies!

    • As a life-long Tigger fan, I’m not sure I can go ‘terrifying’ but I get the costume aversion. If she’d been wearing a creepy clown suit, I’d be terrified right along with you. And as for the farm, I agree. I could camp out in that farm stand room every night and never leave. Oh, and did I mention they have a little restaurant on property called Eden East? You would love it – you eat outdoors under the ancient pecan trees. Here’s a menu sample.

  3. Big Sis

    Who knew that artichokes were just big thistles?! Cool!

    • I know! That’s exactly what I thought when I saw it – giant thistles. They also had asparagus that was going to seed. I thought it was dill because it was so shaggy and tall. Very cool. I love that they just let you roam around and see everything up close. Such a friendly family, and always open to talking about how they make it all work. I could spend an entire day just poking around and snapping photos.

  4. The homemade jelly should have been listed in big bold font somewhere. I have to bid now! You and Kirsten are the reasons I eat PB and J with the J! #jellyconvert

    • So, of course I will send you jelly if you have the winning bid on my cookies, but you know I would also just send you a jar any time you want Mads. Just because. Should I send you a list of what’s in the pantry?

  5. p.s. Can you tell I can’t get enough of your blog today?

  6. Look at all of these fun things you’ve done and are doing! Love those cookies, and for such a great cause! I have a niece that’s been battling Crohn’s all of her life. She’s doing quite well thanks to the advancements we’ve made in treatments.

    • It really was a fun week, but any and all time with our sweet grandbabies is a treat. Thank you for sharing that your niece suffers from Crohn’s. It moves me to know that our bake sale endeavors are touching not just Beka, but others we love. I’m so happy to hear she’s doing well! Every penny of our bake sale proceeds will go towards research and relief for those with Crohn’s. I’m hoping we knock last year’s total out of the ballpark for Beka and others like her. Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. We noticed all the bikes leaving down 35 and my husband remembered the bike rally. He thought it might not be particularly family-friendly, until I told him I knew someone who rode in the parade AND took their grandkids last year ;). Might be something for us to check out next year! Way to go TCP!

    • Well, to be clear we only take our grandkids downtown on Friday night for the big bike parade, and we leave before the partying starts. We don’t take them to the fairgrounds where the rally takes place. That, from what I’ve heard, is very much an adults only environment. As for the parade, there are lots of families and children along the 10+ mile parade route and into downtown. We get the kids a picnic dinner and spend too much money on light sabers, then we wait for TCP (Papi to them) to ride in and park. After walking for an hour or so to see all the bikes, My Baby & I take the kids to Sonic and head home. We really enjoy it. Maybe I’ll see you there next year!

  8. Well you guys have been really busy! The bike rally looks really cool, though I think that cat woman kind of scares me! And how fun that you took the kids back to the farm! Oh how I wish I could raise chickens! And the bake sale looks to be a success….I hope I won my bid! : )

    • I want chickens, too! Just for the eggs and the fun of feeding them kitchen scraps. Best composting ever! And your Bake Sale for Beka bid DID win! Congratulations! You’re getting Strawberry Crumb Bars from Chung-Ah at Damn Delicious! They look so yummy.

  9. Your sparkle nails look great! Summery and fun. :) My daughter has been wearing a similar look but with color changing polish. Inside it is one color and in the sun another!

  10. Deb

    Ohhhhh the “Girlfriend” is Beautiful! I call ours “The Mistress”! Heehee! So happy TCP and “The Girlfriend” won! I know how happy that makes them! Yes, ROT can be quite a different experience at the Fairgrounds from what I hear! Have yet to go, but one year the hubby and I have to make it there! Those cookies looked YUMMY and I am sorry I missed the bidding! A migraine had me down for a few days and then there was theweekend before that, darn it! Tell TCP Congrats!!!!

  11. Oh my goodness! Those grandbabies of yours are getting so big that I can hardly take it! Springdale Farm looks a-w-e-s-o-m-e. I could totally live there.

    Congrats to TCP & his Girlfriend. I can say from first-hand experience that his motorcycle is one flashy little harlot. She’s as gorgeous as she is intimidating.

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