Postcards from Small Town Texas

The Complete Package and I have been enjoying scenic drives to small towns throughout Texas. This is the second in a series of photos documenting our lazy day adventures and highlighting these small town Texas treasures.

Second Stop: Yoakum, Texas

Yoakum, Texas is located between Houston & San Antonio on Highway 95 So., 35 miles south of I-10 and 11 miles south of Shiner. To learn more, visit

To see the first story in the series – Hallettsville, Texas – click HERE.



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10 responses to “Postcards from Small Town Texas

  1. Great Photo Postcards – thanks for sharing! Have a Great Day!

  2. I’ve never been to Texas so I’m enjoying these posts very much. The brickwork above the Bluebonnet Treasures shop is gorgeous.

    • Thanks, Paula. The photos don’t really do those great old buildings justice. So many of them have spectacularly fancy brickwork. Makes me want to sell everything and move upstairs in one of them. Perhaps we could open a bakery or cafe downstairs. Sounds ideal.

  3. What a sweet looking town. I just adore the old brick corner buildings with a cupola. Those rounded windows just scream for a window seat.

  4. Kat

    I am so in love with the architecture in Yoakum! I can’t decide if I’m more in love with the overall shape of the structures or the detailing. Can you imagine the sort of planning that took place when they were building the town up?

    p.s. The corner of Loft street? DYING.

    • For me, it’s the detailing. The buildings are all lovely, but that detail in the brick just knocks my socks off. That building at the corner of Loft Street is my favorite, too. I think it’s that small chain-link effect of the white brick and the tile insets. This is such a cool little town.

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