Things I Love, Volume 7: Anthon Berg Fruit & Marzipan Dark Chocolates

It’s no secret that I love dark chocolate. Anyone who knows me or reads my blog regularly knows that there’s almost nothing I won’t do for a good dark chocolate. They also know that I love to travel. Fortunately, the The Complete Package and I have been lucky enough to have taken some fabulous trips, and one of the perks of travel is trying local foods. For me, that includes chocolate. Everyone has their souvenir priorities. I really don’t need another t-shirt. I want chocolate!

One thing I’ve learned about chocolate is that it is different everywhere you go. Sometimes the differences are subtle and sometimes they’re diverse. One of my favorites is Anthon Berg chocolates from Denmark. Have I been to Denmark? No. Do I have to go to Denmark to get these? No! And that’s the beauty of it. Last week, while shopping with Mom and two of my sisters, we stopped at Chocolat du Monde in Rice Village (Houston), and there on the shelf were two boxes of Anthon Berg raspberry chocolates. And they were 1/2 off. Have mercy!

Here’s what I love about Anthon Berg chocolates – they’re filled with fruit stewed in booze layered over marzipan (almond paste) and dipped in dark chocolate. Yeah, you heard me. I’m showing the raspberry with orange liqueur. They also make plums in Madeira, apricots in brandy, strawberries in champagne, cherries in rum and grapes in muscat wine. The plums in Madeira have always been my favorite, but the raspberry is giving them a run for their money. They are world class. And they’re really not boozy in flavor. You get a hint of booze with an explosion of fruit. And when you combine it with that almond marzipan and dip it all in dark chocolate… well, it’s amazing.

If you’re a chocolate nut or just want to see the pretty packages, go to:

And if you’re in Houston and find yourself poking around Rice Village, drop in at Chocolat du Monde. The gentleman behind the counter couldn’t be nicer, and he stocks a fantastic variety of chocolates. Try the dark chocolate sea salt caramel. You won’t regret it.



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8 responses to “Things I Love, Volume 7: Anthon Berg Fruit & Marzipan Dark Chocolates

  1. Cindy

    Seiously, those look like heaven to me. I love it all, the dark chocolate, the raspberry, the marzipan and the booze is a nice bonus! I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in Rice Village. I wonder if they might have these at Whole Foods? By the way, PW’s Pig Cake lasted all of two days…LOL

    • The plum and raspberry are awesome. I’m hoping to score the apricot some day. A girl can dream, right? It’s not “every day” chocolate, for sure, but Mother’s Day IS coming up, and every mother deserves to get something special on their day. I vote for chocolates! Glad you enjoyed the Pig Cake. Thanks for saving my thighs by taking some of it!

  2. LOVE Anthon Berg!! My Danish Grandma and I brought home cases of it after our trip to Denmark. You really can’t go wrong with dark chocolate and marzipan.

    • Wahoo! I’m excited to hear someone else loves them as much as me! I would die and go to chocolate heaven if someone brought home with cases of it. I can’t even wrap my head around that! (I’m fantasizing right now of sitting in a giant pile of AB individually wrapped chocolates, throwing them up into the air, screaming “they’re mine…all mine!”)

  3. Just what I needed. We are in the process of moving into town from Katy, and dark chocolate is my weakness. Add sea salt and caramel, and it’s all over. I don’t want to know how much I spent on Starbucks’ Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate this winter.

    • I’m a sucker for dark chocolate and sea salt caramel, too. That’s the beauty of Chocolat du Monde in Rice Village. They sell all the top brands in boxes, but they also have a large counter filled with hand-dipped goodness. The dark chocolate covered apricots are to die for, and the dark chocolate sea salt caramel will rock your world. Let me know if you make it by there some day!

  4. Hi all. Nice to hear that you like our products :-) And yes – it’s nice to “sit in a pile of them” here in the factory being able to enjoy them every day. Greetings from the man who has built the line for the chocolate-marzipan-tarts ;-)
    PS. Try our marzipan loafs too. You’ll get them in many airports. My favorite is with dark chocolate and cognac :-P

    • Hello, Rune!
      Such a lovely surprise to hear from someone within the Anthon Berg organization. I will indeed look for the marzipan loafs/bars next time I travel. Thanks for the tip. -jeanne
      PS – Love your work! (:

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