Wishing You A Very Happy Halloween!

Carved pumpkins at NanaBread's house are even better after dark!

The Complete Package, Ziggy and I wish you a safe & happy Halloween with no tricks, all treats, no mosquitos, great weather and all the chocolate you can eat!



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7 responses to “Wishing You A Very Happy Halloween!

  1. Happy Halloween to you…love the pumpkins with the grandkids’ names!

    • Can’t take credit for those two – they are the work of The Complete Package. Yes, he carves pumpkins, too. Hence the name The…Complete…Package. He’ll be impossible to live with now!

  2. The Complete Package

    I wanted to take a moment to recognize Kandi. From her comments you can tell she is a person of uncommon taste and high values!

  3. Pat Counts

    Back at you! Happy Halloween to you too! Pat

  4. NanaBread's Baby

    Those are so cute! Love the kids names and I love, love, LOVE the frog made out of gourds! Very cute and fun!

    • Yahoo! That was my frog made from gourds. I saved a bunch seeds from all of my pumpkins/gourds for the kids. Can’t wait to see what your pumpkin patch looks like next year!

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