Sweet, Spooky Treats for Halloween!

Mummy Pretzels and Edible Eyeballs - So sweet, it's scary!

I seem to be on a mission to celebrate Halloween this year using every version of chocolate known to man. Don’t ask me why. I really can’t explain it. I just know that I’ve somehow been bitten hard by the Halloween bug, and I’m having a great time with it. This week, I decided to try my hand at bloodshot eyeballs and pretzel mummies for the grandkids – Jonah Bear & Lilly Bug. All it took was two bags of pretzels (rounds & rods), one pound of white melting chocolate, one bag of dark chocolate M&Ms, and two small tubes of Wilton decorating gel (red & black). I can’t take creative credit for either of these ideas. They came from two different blogs I follow. The bloodshot eyeballs came from a recipe posted on the Tasty Kitchen page of The Pioneer Woman website. I substituted dark chocolate M&M candies for the iris of the eyes and used the Wilton decorating gel for bloodshot streaks and pupils. This was a really fun project. It was submitted by “soufflebombay” as Edible Eyeballs. Here’s the link to the original recipe so you can see how she did it: http://thepioneerwoman.com/tasty-kitchen/recipes/desserts/edible-eyeballs/ and here’s a picture of how mine turned out. Some are bloodshot and some aren’t, but they’re all delicious!

I spy with my edible eye...something yummy!

The second round was the pretzel mummies. These were super easy and turned out really cute. This idea came from Alice and her Savory Sweet Life blog at http://savorysweetlife.com/ Her faces came out much cuter than mine, but I like the horizontal stripes I added to look like mummy wrappings. This is another really creative but easy treat to make. And I love how they look when you stand them all up in a container. They’re almost too cute to eat. Nahh!

Mummy, may I please have another pretzel?

This whole chocolate Halloween obsession started a few weeks ago with brownie spiders. I had friends over for dinner and made these for dessert. They were fun to make, and were delectibly delicious! Best of all, they were super easy and made with my favorite boxed brownie – the Ghirardelli dark chocolate mix.

No tricks, just treats...best spider you'll ever eat!

Mmmmm…best spider I’ve ever eaten. Okay, it’s the only spider I’ve ever eaten, but who’s counting? They’re also a fun hands-on art/food project if you have children or grandkids. I posted a complete “how-to” on the brownie spiders earlier. You can find them in my Food & Recipes tab.

There’s something about salty pretzels covered in chocolate that draws me in. I’m such a sucker for that combination. And the brownie spiders with ice cream and toppings satisfy a chocolate craving like nothing else. I’m wondering now what I might tackle next. Chocolate drizzled sea salt caramel apples? Oooo…maybe! A vampire themed raspberry & chocolate Godiva martini? Hmm…could be. Right now I’m just hoping I have the strength not to eat all of these treats before we see the kids. That would be bad. Very, very bad. Right?



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8 responses to “Sweet, Spooky Treats for Halloween!

  1. Okay, these are so, so cute! And it’s saying a lot that I could probably make these! I especially love the pretzel ghosts.

    Your grandkids are blessed to have a fun Nana like you!

  2. Big Sis

    I think you need to get another job or open a sweet shop……just way too much time on your hands!!! They turned out cute, Jonah will love them!!

  3. I love your pretzel eyeballs and your version of mummy chocolate sticks!

  4. I love the mummies and eyeballs! I am going to be in the kitchen for the next couple of days making goodies for my tennis team this weekend, I am thinking the mummies may be a must try! I make the rods w/ white chocolate often, but was planning to just sprinkle w/ orange and black sugar – this is WAY cuter!!!!! yay.

  5. Cindy

    Those are super cute! I make the same type of pretzels for Christmas with sprinkles on the rods and holiday M&Ms on the twists. I get the Ghirardelli chocolate from Sam’s(it’s already there). Yours are BOO-tiful!

  6. Your treats came out great!! And I bet your grandkids had a blast!!! Just this weekend I happened to make the ghosts as well…I usually make them out of formed rice krispy treats dipped in white chocolate but I also saw Alice’s post and they were a hit with the kids!! Happy Happy Halloween…I just love Halloween!!!

    • Lilly’s only one, so all she knows is that they taste great. Jonah will be four in December, and he thought they were AWESOME! The blood-shot eyeballs were his favorite, so I can’t thank you enough for the idea. He was asking for more eyeballs all weekend. Besides Christmas, this is definitely the most fun-filled holiday of the year at my house. I just love it, and have since I was little. Costumes…candy…ghosts & goblins…what’s not to love?

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