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Handy Helpers from Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart may take a lot of flack, but I have to say I find a lot of helpful hints and creative ideas on her website. While I won’t claim to be her biggest fan, I’m also not a hater. I admire her creativity. Recently, I found a couple of handy kitchen printables on her website. The first is the template for Cook’s Helpers, a set of 3 printable kitchen conversion guides. I especially find myself using the cute Measuring Equivalents chart. So much so, I printed the template page and pasted them to the inside of my kitchen cabinet so I can reference them while I’m cooking. There’s also a baking pan substitution chart to help you convert a 13×9 baking pan into rounds (or vice versa), and a handy candy making temperatures chart to help prevent high-heat disasters. You can post the entire page, or cut them out and place them in different areas of the kitchen. You can also cut them out, laminate them, hole punch the tops and attach them to a set of colorful measuring spoons/cups to add to a kitchen gift basket for a housewarming gift.

I also love these Clip-Art Freezer Labels. Print them on full-page label paper, cut them apart, then fill in the contents line, circle the correct date information and stick them on bags or containers. How handy is that? This is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments for me. It’s practical, clever and handy. I wish my mind worked like that. Say what you will, but Martha is a wealth of information and I like that. Of course, I like anything that makes my life easier!



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