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Let’s Play a Game of ‘Deserted Island’

Hey, kids…want to have some fun? Let’s play a game. For this game, imagine yourself stranded alone on a deserted island a la Tom Hanks in Cast Away. (Please tell me you’ve seen Cast Away. I love that movie!) Here are my rules:

1. You must name the three (3) things you would like to take or have with you
2. You cannot take along another person or people; remember, you are alone
3. You must be able to carry your 3 items in a regulation (school) size backpack
4. You can’t say “plane ticket” because there would be no airplane or airport
5. Rule #4 applies to all forms of transportation you could not carry with you

You get extra points for creativity. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Wilson is a perfectly acceptable answer.

P.S. – Tom Hanks was totally robbed of the “Best Actor” Oscar for Cast Away in 2000. Robbed, I tell ya! I cried like a baby when he lost his volleyball. His VOLLEYBALL! That was some crazy good acting. Damn you, Russell Crowe.

– My 3 items are a knife, a tarp and flint. My momma didn’t raise no fool. But if I knew I’d be rescued quickly, I’d take a knife, a salt shaker and tequila.


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