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Oh, hail. It’s finally raining in Houston!

Love the rain, but those white blobs are pea & marble sized hail. Yikes!

That’s right, people. For the first time since January of this year (I’m not making this up), we finally got some rain in south Houston. In fact, we got about 40 minutes of rain and about 5 minutes of pea to marble sized hail. TCP and I were so excited about the rain, we didn’t even care about the hail. Not at all.

This pile of pea-sized hail stones pooled by our front door.

Then we looked out the back door and yelled, “The baby pineapple!!!” at the same time. By then, we were getting pummeled, and there was no way to stage a rescue without getting beat to death. Luckily, those big wide fronds did a great job of deflecting the hail stones. A few did land around the pineapple fruit and roll down to sit at the base, but there is no apparent damage to the fruit. The fronds didn’t fare so well. As you can see in this next photo, they suffered substantial hail damage. You can see the white pea-sized dents on the fronds.

The hail left white dents on the pineapple fronds. Ouch!

We’re expecting more storms this week as our record high temperatures meet waves of moisture blowing in off the Gulf of Mexico. Rest assured that I will be crafting some sort of shelter to prevent our baby pineapple from suffering any more trauma, and TCP and I from suffering any more pineapple-based heart palpitations. On the bright side, we finally got some rain!

Normal year-to-date rainfall for the Houston area: 20″
Year-to-date rainfall since January of this year: 1.33″
Average temperature in Houston this time of year: 90F
Previous record temperature for this week (1980): 98F
New record temperature for Houston set this week: 105F
(data courtesy of the Houston Chronicle website)

Is it just me, or does it seem like we’ve had some of the wackiest weather ever this year? Record breaking floods and draught, a record-breaking number of wildfires, late snows and tornadoes. What gives? I’m nervous to think what the hurricane season may bring. I mean, c’mon…. Massachusetts had a tornado! When is the last time anyone heard of a tornado in the Boston area? Feel free to throw in your 2 cents worth. Are you experiencing wacky weather in your area?



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