DIY: A Pink Ombre TuTuTorial

Lilly Bug, our sweet spunky granddaughter, just turned four. FOUR! Can you believe it? We can’t. To celebrate her big day and her inner ballerina, I whipped up an easy pink ombre tutu inspired by Pinterest and just in time for her first ever dance classes. The best part – it only takes a few items from the store and about an hour of your time.

It starts with a specific type of stretchy headband. I found a set of 5 in various colors for only $3 at my local HEB (grocery) store. Two were pinks. Bonus!

Lilly's Tutu - headband starter
Next, you’ll need three shades of pink tulle, sold in 6″ wide rolls. I purchased a pale pink, medium pink and deep raspberry pink. To cut it into even lengths, I used a piece of cardboard that was 8 1/2″ x 11″ (or you can grab a picture frame off your shelf). Wrap the tulle around the 8 1/2″ side of the frame multiple times, then cut along both edges to create a handful of 8 1/2″ lengths of tulle. Start with 40 pieces in each shade, but be prepared to cut a few more, if needed.

I love how easily this comes together – NO SEWING! It’s all hand tied.

Tutu Collage1

1. Place the headband around a roll of paper towels to hold it in place.
2. See the gaps? We’ll be looping tulle through them, starting at the top.
3. Fold one piece of tulle in half and bunch it together at the fold.
4. Working along the top row, stick the fold through & make a 1″ loop.

Tutu Collage2

5. Grab both loose ends and pull them through the loop.
6. Gently pull the ends until it is firmly knotted.
7. Skipping one hole, start the process again.
8. Work around the headband until you have one row of the lightest pink, then repeat the process in the middle of the headband with the medium pink, and then around the bottom edge with the deepest pink. If your tulle is cut in advance, it will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete the tutu. So easy!

This is how it looks on the inside of the headband when you’re done. Clean, simple, with no loose ends and plenty of stretch left in the headband.

Lilly's Tutu - Tied On

This is how it looks on the outside. I love the ombre effect!

Lilly's Tutu - Finished

Lilly's Tutu - Ombre Detail

If you have any tulle sticking out in odd places, simply trim them with a pair of scissors until all of the tulle is uniform in length. That’s it! Easy peasy tutu breezy. Because it was for Lilly Bug’s birthday, I tied it to the top of her other presents and put a flower on it to create a big fluffy bow.

Lilly's Tutu - Flower On Top

Lilly's Tutu - As Gift Topper

She really had no idea it was a tutu until she untied it to open her packages. It was so much fun. And here’s our little ballerina showing it off.

Lilly's Tutu Collage

Oh, Lilly Bug. You really are too sassy & cute for words, girlfriend!



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21 responses to “DIY: A Pink Ombre TuTuTorial

  1. It is very easy to make, and while I’m galaxies away from being a tutu expert, yours looks terrific!

  2. I could just squeeze that sweet little firecracker! She looks super cute & sassy in that ombre tutu. That tutu is so cute that I think I may need one myself…just for wearing around the house.

  3. You had me at the ‘NO SEWING’ part. :). Super cute.

  4. Claudia

    What do they feed her – fertilizer? She’s the spitting image of her big brother! Love the tutu by the way – I can easily imagine myself wearing one and then ask the million dollar question “honey, does my a*s look big in this?” The dreaded answer is all that’s restraining me :-)

    • I know! She’s growing like a weed! She does look just like Jonah, doesn’t she? We have photos of both of them (from sonograms to present day) and they look just alike – except for the long hair & tutu. Your comment about making your own tutu cracked me up, Claudia. You do know you can just cut the tulle longer so it covers your… uh, assets, right? Although TCP would be the first to tell me “they don’t sell enough tulle for that”. He keeps me centered. :)

  5. What a fantastic tutorial for an absolutely adorable tutu! I made these for Emma’s 3rd birthday party — different colours for each attendee. Added some dollar store wings and we had gleeful little fairies flittering about the entire time. They were as pleased as your sweet little Lily Bug looks to be. :)

    • Awww… even the thought of Emma and her tiny fairy friends dancing around in tutus and wings makes me smile. No one can be grumpy around that! Thanks, Liz! -j

      PS – Your blog is looking GOOD, girlfriend!

      • Thank you! :)

        I have to tell you, it still make me smile and it was 3 birthdays ago. Hugs to your little Lily Bug — looking as cute as ever!

  6. She’s so damn cute. I swear she and HRH could be BFFs.

  7. Elizabeth

    I made a white tutu using this design for my 8 year old granddaughter. She is choreographing her own dance to the song “In Summer” from the movie Frozen for her elementary school end of year talent show. She will be wearing a white tank top with black poms down the front like snowman buttons, white footless tights and her new white tutu….she will be a snowman like Olaf in the movie. Thank you so much for this design. It was indeed easy peasy tu tu breezy!!!!

    • And I’ll bet she’s adorable in her costume. Thanks for coming back to comment and share it with me. So glad you liked the tutorial, Elizabeth. -jeanne

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