TCP’s New Itty Bitty Pocket Camera

Canon ELPH 300 HS - the Mighty Mouse of pocket digital cameras (not actual size)

In the market for a new pocket-sized digital camera? Thinking of purchasing one as a holiday gift? Here’s one to consider. It’s the Canon Power Shot ELPH 300HS, and it’s remarkable. Don’t let the size fool you. This little camera is a beast. It has some of the same features as my full-size DSLR, takes fabulous photos and 1080p HD video, and is smaller than the palm of your hand. The Complete Package got a new one last weekend, and it’s a keeper. That photo above? It’s larger than the actual camera. The real thing is 3.63″ wide by 2.2″ tall and only 0.77″ thick. With the battery and SD card installed, it weighs just under 5 ounces. When I say it’s small and lightweight, I’m not kidding.

Here are some of the features:
12.1 megapixels with high-sensitivity CMOS
24mm wide-angle lens with 5x optical zoom
2.7″ LCD color display
optical image stabilization
high-speed burst function
super slow-motion video function
HS system, Digic 4, Exif Print, SmartAuto and PictBridge

Do I know what all that means? Nope. Does it matter? Not at all. Here’s what I do know. You could put this thing on full auto, take fabulous photos forever and be one happy camper. But if you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can take advantage of the 32 photo functions including aperture and shutter speed priorities, high-speed and slow-motion video with stereo sound, and much more. It also has face recognition, blink recognition, low light sensitivity (without needing the flash) AND it has built-in artistic effects like monochrome, scene modes and a Toy Camera effect. Bottom line – this is an ultra-thin pocket-sized powerhouse. It’s easy to carry, easy to use, and easy to love. Suggested retail price is $249, but you can find it in most electronic stores for $229 and may find it on sale for even less. I think you’ll find you get a lot of bang for your buck.

The Canon ELPH 300 HS may be small, but it's a pocket-sized powerhouse

To learn more, click on the link at the top of the post (ELPH 300 page at, or go to to compare colors, features and vendors. Remember – it’s never too early to tell Santa you’ve been good this year. Speaking of: What’s on your wishlist this year? I’m thinking Keurig.



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17 responses to “TCP’s New Itty Bitty Pocket Camera

  1. TCP

    It also has a smile sensor mode and will function in very low light situations without a flash. That’s right it will snap a photo when everyone in the photo smiles (which is what I am doing now). Thanks to Lillybug for throwing her milk bottle in Nanabread’s purse with the old camera while riding in the car. This provided the excuse for the new camera which we will use on vacation later this year. Two whoots for Lillybug!

  2. Big Sis

    Sounds to me like TCP was coaching the Lilly Bug!! Some body wanted a new camera and knew Nana Bread couldn’t ever get mad at that sweet little Lilly Bug…..I see what was going on.

    • Not on your life, Sister. Lilly Bug doesn’t have a complicit bone in her body, and the “milking the camera” episode happened on a solo trip to Austin. TCP was home working that week. Nice theory, though. Maybe you could start a “second milker on a grassy knoll” conspiracy. Milk stain on a blue dress? John Edwards was holding the baby bottle? Or a good alien abduction could be fun!

  3. Jeanne….wow….this camera has so many great features for such an itty bitty thing. But sounds like a great camera to carry around in my purse! (which is milk-proof…btw). I may pick your brain in a couple of months about your DSLR. : )

    • That’s what I love about it. It has remarkable features for a tiny pocket camera, which means I can slip it in a pocket and take stealthy photos at the grocery store, restaurants, etc. Pick away on the DSLR. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. I’m no expert, but I am an open book so fire when ready. I have a Canon EOS Rebel T2i, and I love it. Let me know when you’re ready to chat. Have a great (long) weekend, Anne.

  4. Pat Counts

    I know TCP will have it at Kaki’s wedding. Just another one of your talents, camera expert. You need to give me lessons. I can barely operated my camera and it isn’t fancy!!! Pat

    • I am MILES away from being a camera expert! I just enjoy taking pictures, that’s all. This new little baby is sweet, though. Great “grab & go” option to the Big Boy camera and all its gear.

  5. My itty bitty camera is great, but I cracked the screen. That will teach me to take super photo-album worthy “bar pics” haha.
    I like the looks of this one though! It’s a baby!!!

    • Oh… I hate it when you damage the screen. Especially now that most digital cameras don’t have a view finder window to look through when the screen’s shot. I love that it died a valiant death at a bar. If you’re thinking about a new one, you should go look at this one. It’s really a great camera. (Hello – honeymoon photos!) Can you register for a camera as a wedding gift? I say “why not?”

  6. What a cool little camera! I was looking at the same one when the family point & shoot bit the dust. (Too many budding photographers in my house.) Then Son #1 saved his money and bought himself a nice point & shoot, so I chucked the idea. Instead, I bought him a large sim card with the understanding that we may take his camera instead of my Big Girl camera to document some events. He glared at me, but agreed because he really wanted the sim card. ;) Win-win.

    BTW–I wandered over to your Baby’s new blog this morning. Loved reading her voice and seeing her craft inspiration after hearing so much about her. You guys are an inspirational, talented bunch.

    For those of you keeping score, NanaBread’s Baby blogs at:

    • Yeah, I’m a sell-out for a larger sim card, too. TCP just gave me a new one. It’s a 32G Class 10 micro SD card. He bought it to upgrade the storage on his new Nook, but it wasn’t compatible. Turns out it works great in my DSLR. My jaw hit the floor when we popped that puppy in the camera, turned it on and the display said I had space for 8,000 large size photos. I immediately handed over my smaller cards. Don’t think I’m ever going to need a “back up” again. I felt like I won the sim card lottery.

      My Baby will be thrilled to hear that you discovered her new blog. She just started it 2 weeks ago. As my mother always said, our family is blessed with the “artsy fartsy gene.” Creativity (and sarcasm) is in our DNA. Thanks for the shout out. She’ll be tickled pink.

  7. Craftiest

    I was so impressed by your review I went out last weekend and bought the shiny red version with a racy red case. I needed a better camera than my iphone to take pics with and this beauty does the trick! Thanks for the pointers! Have loved it so far, can’t say I’ll be sharing any of the photos though. Work photos aren’t the most exciting, interesting and amazing, but not exciting and cute. By the way, the detail this little girl captures is really amazing. This camera is WAY better than my Nikon CoolPix that got lost in the last move.

    • YES!! I’m so happy you love it. And I’m so excited you got the racy red one. Congratulations! It’s an amazing little camera. The Complete Package and I did some side-by-side photo comparisons with his new Canon Elph and by Canon EOS T2i (big girl DLSR camera). I was stunned at how well his little Canon kept up. For a pocket camera, this one is just about as good as it gets. Thanks for letting me know. Now, my next question is did it make it to California, or did you buy it after your trip. Because I still haven’t seen any photos of Yosemite or redwoods yet. Hint. Hint.

      • Craftiest

        No, unfortunately, it did not make it to California for Yosemite and Sequoia. Ken had his Nikon DLSR with him so most of the photos are studies for future paintings. Leaves, shadows, light, etc. Not many, or should I say any, sweeping, majestic photos of our surroundings. We do have a few with us in them to show the gigantic hugeness of the Sequoias though. I guess I need to get/start a Flicker account to share photos on huh?. But honestly, I remember the smell of the trees and the furry feel their bark had more than anything. I’ll get better photos next time. We did see a bear there!

      • How exciting! I love bears – as long as they don’t eat me for dinner. And YES, you do need to open a Flickr account so we can watch Zoey grow and keep up with your new home construction. So shake a leg. (And now I picture you actually shaking a leg. Smart ass.)

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