Ode to Our Momma, on her birthday

Our Momma is special; our Momma is neat
From the top of her head to the soles of her feet.
She made us wash dishes and laundry and floors;
And then made us iron (which I still abhor).

She taught us to cook, and make jelly and sew,
And dig a camp toilet (just thought you should know).
She taught us to laugh and love music and art
And board games and antiques, but that’s just the start.

Most of all, our Momma taught us to see
The humor in all things, which we all agree
Makes life so much sweeter and funny, and glorious.
We’re lucky to think that life should be uproarious!

So thank you, sweet Momma for raising five girls
Who continue to grow as their own lives unfurl.
Thanks to you, we have families & dreams of our own.
And thanks to you, also, there’s no place like home.

Happy birthday, Momma. We love you.
poem written by your favorite



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16 responses to “Ode to Our Momma, on her birthday

  1. Sandi In Indiana

    Happy Birthday!! What a great tribute to a great mom!!! Love the pictures. Discovered you from PW! Thanks for sharing your joy!!!!

  2. Amy

    What a funny and sweet poem to your mom! Those pictures are great, too. I hope she has a wonderful birthday filled with family and laughter.

    Being the favorite is awesome, isn’t it?!

    • YES! Actually, it’s kind of an inside joke with my sisters. I make a point of telling them I’m Mom’s favorite when we’re all together. They argue, of course, but that’s what makes it so much fun! Mom knows it’s true, and that’s all that matters. Heeheehee

  3. Wow, she looks so glamorous in that fancy dress and gloves! Beautiful. Why don’t I have occasions to dress up like that? Happy Birthday! What a nice tribute and poem for your Mom. :)

    • I know! Wasn’t she a stone cold foxy glamour girl in that outfit? Amazing. The only time I got really dressed up was for my wedding and My Baby’s wedding, and I wasn’t nearly as dazzling as that photo of mom. Sorry to say, I’m more of a sweatpants and t-shirt girl. It’s fun to see old photos of my mother as a potential pin-up, though. Va-va-va-VOOM!

  4. Well, a very Happy Birthday to your Momma. She done good.

  5. Big Sis

    Well you claim to be the favorite or fight to see who won,
    but I will always be daughter number – ONE!!!
    :) hehehehehehehe!!!

  6. The Baby

    Happy Birthday Mommy dear,
    at times we’ve all be a pain in your rear.
    But time has shown
    as we have grown,
    that having me as the baby
    made it all gravy.

    I’ll always be the sweet little baby, and everybody loves babies! Hey! Be careful, you don’t want to puke that close to the keyboard!
    Happy Birthday Mom! We wouldn’t be sarcastic, creative, goof balls we are without you! XOXOXO

    • Please don’t use “baby” and “gravy” in the same sentence ever again. It’s just wrong. heeheehee

      • Big Sis

        I think I just puked in my mouth!! Ugh, what is it about the baby of the family?? Spoiled rotten, cuties, rotten (did I say that already?), that makes you want to hurl??? JK!! wouldn’t be same without the brat!!! hehehe!!

  7. KJ

    What a glorious tribute to your mom – lots of love, lots of laughs! Joy!

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