Why I Love Summer

I love summer because I love farmer’s markets. I love and respect people who grow fresh veggies. There’s a magical place south of Houston in a town called Manvel. It’s known as Froberg Farms, and they are the reason I look forward to summer every year. Trust me when I say that summers in south Texas leave little to love. It gets really hot here, and oppressively humid. Imagine New Orleans or Malaysia but with bigger mosquitos. But I digress… I love the summer season because it and Froberg Farms provide me with my favorite meal of all time.

NanaBread's Favorite Summer Meal

I call it “Fruit Stand Blow-Out” and it consists of whatever I can find that’s at its peak. Here’s how it went down last night:

Fried okra – lightly dusted with flour, salt and pepper; simple is better here
Yellow squash with Vidalia onions – sauteed with butter, salt and pepper
Green beans with new potatoes – slow cooked with bacon and onion
Roma tomatoes – cold from the fridge and dusted with Nature’s Season Salt

If I’m ever incarcerated and asked to proclaim my wishes for my final meal, this is it. Only fresh corn on the cob could make this meal any better. Thank you summer and Froberg family for my favorite meal of the season. I wouldn’t change a thing. Oh, wait. Yes, I would. I’d have dessert!

Homemade Apple Pie - Oh, My!



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4 responses to “Why I Love Summer

  1. Thank you for the comment and for checking out my blog. I confess that I feel bad after checking out your blog. Someone dieting and training for the race schedule you’re attempting shouldn’t be forced to look at butter, bacon and pie with whipped cream. I apologize for any agony or cravings I may have caused. I applaud your weight loss and training goals, and wish you all the success in the world. I’ll be cheering for you!

  2. karen thornton

    I came over from Pioneer Woman’s blog to yours after seeing your ‘charlie comment’. and wanted to tell you that tomorrow I’m heading to the local farmers market to buy okra, squash, tomatoes, and new potatoes. Thanks :)

    • Hello, Karen! Yeah, those Charlie photos on PW’s site really had me laughing. Her website and the Tasty Kitchen pages have been my new obsession this year. Thanks for checking out my NanaBread blog. It has only been 7 weeks since I started it, and I’m really enjoying it. Have a great time at the Farmer’s Market! It’s one of summer’s purest pleasures. We’ll be back to canned and frozen vegetables before we know it. So tragic.

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