Happy Birthday Wishes to Sister #3

Happy Birthday, Sister #3

Today is my sister’s birthday. I have four of them, so I call her #3 in my blog. That’s to protect the innocent and her (hee hee hee). Since there are five of us, that makes her the middle child. When she was little, she was obsessively attached to a stuffed lion named Leo. She also suffered from an obsessive love of chocolate, even at a very young age. We used to hide our holiday candy from her. I’ve never met anyone who loves chocolate like Sister #3. Seriously. One year for my birthday, Mom made me a cake smothered in chocolate frosting. After dinner, we pulled the cake out of the fridge to light the candles and sing “Happy Birthday.” When we got it all the way out of the fridge, we discovered the entire back of the cake was naked. She even carved the frosting out from between the layers with her little fingers. She may not strip other people’s birthday cakes anymore (at least not that I’ve heard), but she still does love chocolate more than anyone else I know. Here’s something else you may not know about her – she bakes a seriously wicked cheesecake. Any flavor. Any time. It’s sinful and world-class. Sister #3 is also the mother of two unique and wonderful kids. Chris (her son and firstborn) is a tatoo artist by trade and a trained artist and musician. He played the cello growing up. How many people do you know who play the cello? He has long hair and lots of tattoos, and is the best example I know of not judging a book by its cover. He is a sweet, funny, gentle, thoughtful guy. Amanda, her baby, is a senior in college and a writer. Like me (her favorite aunt), she grew up playing the french horn. All the greatest people played the french horn.

It's your birthday...have some fun!

She is a literature major and hopes to go into the book business (publishing and editing) when she graduates. She is a bright, sarcastic (a family trait), outgoing kid who loves books. I think that will serve her well in the publishing world. So today I say “Happy Birthday, Number 3.” You have always marched to your own drummer and done things your own way. Keep on keepin’ on. I wish you joy and happiness and everything good in the world on this, your special day. Love ya’, Sis.



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4 responses to “Happy Birthday Wishes to Sister #3

  1. The Baby

    Happy birthday # 3! You do whip up a wicked cheese cake, but that triple chocolate one prepared by sister # 1 this weekend was impressive (sorry you missed it Nana Bread).
    I remember Leo the lion fondly myself. I remember when he got left at the cabin on Bull Shoals and they had to ship him home.
    For the record, Chris played the upright bass. Amanda plays cello, French horn, sax, trumpet, a mean game of croquet… and who knows what else!

    • Oh, man! I missed it enough when I was dreaming of turkey and dressing. But to know that I missed a triple-chocolate cheesecake and one-handed croquet played as a drinking game (a family tradition) is just too much. I’m sure you all had a great time without me, and that’s okay. But I’m still glad I went on the trip with TCP. It was awesome, too. And since I can’t vouch for Big Sis’s cheesecake last weekend, my vote still has to go to #3 on the cheesecake.

  2. Sister #3

    Thank you for the B-Day wishes!
    Big Sis did fix a cheesecake to be proud of and it was nice to just enjoy eating! You also missed some absolutely fantastically delicious chocolate and vanilla vodkas gifted to myself and the baby by Sister #4. YUM!!
    For the record, I do still have Leo the Lion in a closet somewhere along with a collection of TMNT toys and I think I did a pretty good job on raising the kids, too.
    Still haven’t found a guy I can put up with, though. You are lucky to have TCP!

  3. Happy Birthday! What a nice post! I love the story about the chocolate frosting swiped from the birthday cake. Cute!

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