Nothing says fall like apple dumplings.

Homemade apple dumplings with ice cream & cinnamon apple cider syrup

There’s no recipe here, at least not formally. I just wanted to share this photo of the apple dumplings I made today. We’re having our friend Kaki over for dinner, and I made these for dessert. Thought she’d like them. They’re just Granny Smith apples that I peeled and cored, then stuffed with a mixture of softened butter, cinnamon and sugar. That pie crust was made from a batch I had in the freezer. When I make pie crust, I like to make a big batch and freeze some for last-minute stuff like this. I cut out a leaf for each with a cookie cutter, brushed them with melted butter, then sprinkled them with sugar. It’s just that simple. You don’t even have to use homemade pie crust. I’ve done this same thing with those Pillsbury rolled crusts from the dairy case. Nothing goes better with hot apple dumplings than Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream. Man, that’s good stuff. To top it all off, I bought a small bottle of local MacIntosh apple cider, mixed in a little cinnamon sugar, and reduced it down to about 3/4 of a cup. Now it’s cinnamon apple cider syrup. That’s going over the top of the ice cream and dumplings right before I serve them. Mmmmm…warm apple dumplings with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon apple cider syrup. This is one of the many things I love about fall. Well, this and flannel pajama pants.



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9 responses to “Nothing says fall like apple dumplings.

  1. Pat Counts

    Are you trying to fatten Ms. Kaki up before that big day? Yes, she might like them!!!! You have way too much time on your hands. Will you do food for my next festivity? Thanksgiving dinner would be nice. Pat

    • Not trying to fatten her up…just trying to give her some homemade love via an apple, some flour & Crisco, and a little butter. Everyone could use a little homemade love now and then. And why does everyone keep saying I have too much time on my hands? Can’t a girl just be creative? Of course, you’re right. If I were still working, I’d never have time to do all of this. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Can’t help with Thanksgiving. Got plans…BIG plans.

  2. Big Sis

    So what I want to know is, did you make the apple dumplings while wearing the flannel pj pants??

    • H-E-doublehockeysticks NO! It was 86 degrees here, and I’m menopausal. Hot day + hot flashes + convection oven at 375F = baking in your undewear. And yes, I’m just kidding.

  3. cindy

    Yum , i love baked apples! Those have NanaBread written all over them. I just cook mine in the microwave minus the crust! Y’all enjoy!

  4. The Baby

    Apple dumplings have always been a favorite of mine. I remember when mom would make them on Sunday when the Disney movie was The Apple Dumpling Gang. When I make them, I run the apples thru a peeler/core/slicer then perch them in the crust and cram them full of chopped nuts, cinnamon, sugar and butter. YUM!

  5. that looks really comforting:) mmm… yum!

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