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C’mon, Ziggy – smile for the camera!

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a new camera (which I love). My only issue so far is getting Ziggy to pose as my live subject so I can practice using it. He’s not as enthusiastic about the new camera as I am. This is what I usually get:

Mommy, please get that camera out of my face. I'm trying to nap.

So today, when I got “the look” again, I decided to kick it up a notch and break out the kryptonite…the big guns…the pièce de résistance…the pork tenderloin.

Great googly moogly - is that a bowl of smoked pork tenderloin?

Oh, I see that I’ve got your full attention now. Funny how that works. It’s like you don’t even notice the camera. So I guess you’ll let me take photos now? I’d even go so far as to bet that if I said “lay down” right now, you might just do it.

Wow...I guess you'll do just about anything for smoky meat!

Yup…worked like a charm. Behold the power of meat! I think that’s supposed to be cheese, but we all know you’ll do anything for cheese, too. And ice cream. And raw apple slices. You’re my sweet funny boy, Ziggy. Thanks for playing along, even if it was only until the meat ran out. One last treat – you can lick the bowl clean. I know you like that. I got my photos, and you got a treat. They call that a win/win. Good thing I picked a shallow bowl, my smushy-faced friend.

Oh, sweet nectar of life. If only I had a longer snout!



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Wahoo! My new camera is finally here!

I finally got all the parts to my new camera last week, and let me tell ya’, I feel like I won big on a scratch-off lottery ticket. I am so excited to finally have my first SLR camera. I’ve secretly dreamed of having one since I was in high school, but let’s not discuss how long ago that was or that dinosaurs probably still roamed the earth. I chose the Canon EOS Rebel T2i 550D with the EFS (IS) 18-55mm lens kit after The Complete Package (a world-class super geek) performed his usual high-level exhaustive research of the latest digital SLRs. Thanks, honey! This camera is awesome – lightweight, easy to understand and highly rated. The second most important part of my purchase was the “For Dummies” book that matches the camera, which was my main source of entertainment this weekend. I still have hundreds of pages to go, but I’ll get it eventually. I did, however, learn enough to snap a few shots of The Zigmeister and download them so I could take it for a test drive. The difference between the new digital SLR and my old point-and-shoot digital pocket camera is amazing. I have a lot to learn, and when I do I’ll share more about what this puppy can do. Until then, I’ll leave you with this simple photo comparison. Thanks for playing along, Ziggy. Oh man, I’m going to love this thing!

Ziggy Napping - Old Camera on the Left & New Camera on the Right


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