Friday Fun: The Sock Monkey Project

Who doesn’t love a sock monkey? They’re cute, they’re cuddly, and they’re colorful. When Mom & one of my four sisters were here last week, Big Sis threw down a crafting challenge. She brought a pattern for sock monkeys. She should really know better than to throw down a crafting challenge for several reasons:

1. I love a challenge.
2. I love all things crafty.
3. I love my grandchildren.
4. I love making things for my grandchildren.
5. We all inherited the ‘Artsy Fartsy’ gene from our mother.

We had grand plans to tackle this together – the three of us. But food, antiquing and Cocktail Week got in our way. You see, my big sister was just here for a long weekend. Mom came for 9 days. That meant Mom and I had more down time. So in the same way we tackled Cocktail Week research, we jumped on that sock monkey pattern – like it was our mission in life.

Quick fact about the females in my family – we’re addicted to Target. While there, we found a rack of cute socks in coordinating stripes, patterns and colors. Of course, we looked at each other and squealed “Sock Monkeys!”

Making these for Lilly & Jonah was, well… more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

The only thing cuter than sock monkeys? Sock monkeys in stylish outfits. Lilly Bug’s monkey has a lacy skirt with antique button detail; Jonah’s monkey has grey flannel shorts with a star button pocket. It’s what all the fashionable sock monkeys are wearing these days.

Feeling crafty yet? Here’s the link for the sock monkey pattern. It’s from If you enjoying being creative, you’re going to love this website. Thanks for the pattern, Big Sis! And thanks to my Mom for helping sew them up. We had the best time bringing these little cuties to life.

The twins really want you to make sock monkeys. Like right now.

I can already tell I’m going to spend WAY too much time browsing CraftPassion’s fun projects this summer. Care to join me? Bring your socks!



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12 responses to “Friday Fun: The Sock Monkey Project

  1. OMG!!! YOU MADE SOCK MONKEYS!!!! Coolest. Thing. Ever! I died a thousand deaths seeing those cuties. I am in awe of your mad sewing skills. I think I only got 1/4 of a creative gene, so how about we shop, I pick up neat stuff & you tell me what cute stuff can be made from it. Kind of like a Craft Consultant.

    But as long as you were going Antique Button? Why no denture button? ;)

    • Cheese & crackers! I’m not trying to scare Lilly Bug to death or give her nightmares! Those tiny dentures from the button jar with find a purpose. That’s just how I roll. Once something inspires me, I’m off to the races. I’m thinking you & your boys might need a ‘dentist’ sock monkey now. {heh heh} PS – I’m happy to be your Craft Consultant. When I see anything, I automatically go into ‘what can I do with this?’ mode. Don’t know if that’s a gift or a curse, but I can’t stop it.

  2. Teresa Silverthorn

    I love the name of this post, especially.

    The Sock Monkey Project

    Made me smile, thanks ;)

    • If you know me, you’ll know that once I start something I tend dig in. My Big Sis and Mom can attest to this. We just wrapped up a project for this fall. It started with one little felt creature and ended with 21. When I get inspired, I sometimes don’t know when to quit. My new obsession will be shopping for cute socks so I can make more monkeys. Because the only thing more fun than a pair of monkeys is a barrel full. Hence “The Sock Monkey Project.” Glad I could make you smile, Teresa!

  3. Big Sis

    It’s INSANITY I tell you!!!! I might have to call the guys in white coats!! What have I started?!!?? God forgive ME!!!

  4. Love Sock Monkeys and absolutely love that you dressed them up. The one I have just looks naked – ha! Have a Great Weekend!

    • Happy to make your sock monkey an outfit. Just mail him/her to me and I’ll send him/her back fully dressed. Of course, we’d need to pick a theme for said costume.

  5. Jeanne! These are amazing! These are no ordinary sock monkeys my friend! Do I see a new business venture in your future?! Honestly, I love these and you did a fabulous job with them. (I love that little lace skirt!)

    • Thanks, Anne. My mother & I had a really good time making these. Not sure that translates into a sock monkey business, unless I get so carried away making them they start to pile up. They are a lot of fun to make. I don’t think I’ll ever look at cute colorful socks the same way ever again!

  6. Oh how I love sock monkeys! These two you made are adorable. I wish you were my grandmother right now :)

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