Happy Birthday to my Baby Sister

My baby sister is a firecracker. Yes, she is a spunky little spitfire, but she was also born on the Fourth of July. She really is an all-American, red-white-and-blue firecracker. If I had to narrow down the field, I’d say she’s either a sparkler (for her extroverted personality) or she’s one of those ginormous multi-colored, layered ring, laced with gold sparkly stars ground shakers they use in fireworks finales (for her impact on the rest of our family). I’m not going to sugar coat this. When she was little, she used to say snotty things to us like, “Mom says you have to make my bed because I’m the baby” which was usually followed by her sticking out her tongue. She was THAT sister. If we heard “I don’t have to do it because I’m the baby” once, we heard it a million times. Luckily, she was cute so we didn’t kill her, rub her with honey and leave her for the fire ants, or sell her to traveling gypsies. Not that we didn’t consider it from time to time. When you grow up in a large family, random thoughts of leaving your siblings on the toy aisle in K-Mart do cross your mind. As she grew older, she became far less of a brat and more of the family comedian. Baby Sister was always the one that could make a face, pull a stunt or break out the slap-stick and make us laugh. She is our “most likely to tickle your funny bone.” She’s still cute, but she’s also smart, funny and thoughtful and can sing the full lyrics to just about any song (she was in choir). And while my own daughter is still my first pick for “crazy dance contest” partner, my baby sister will always be a top choice for family road-trip sing-along partner. She also makes an excellent trivia & board game partner, since she somehow retains random knowledge as well as she retains lyrics. She’s a weapon of mass instruction. She’s Rain Man.

Our baby sister on her wedding day - surrounded by nieces and nephews

Today, our baby sister turns 41. She’s all grown up with a child of her own (Gabe the Babe) and a rowdy, fun-loving husband (I’ll call J-Bird). She makes her own bed now. She may have settled down and created a family, but she’ll never really be tamed, and that’s what I love most about my Baby Sister. She is a free spirit. Her glass is always two-thirds full. She looks for the best in everyone. She rolls with the punches and makes the best of every situation. She’s not afraid to laugh at herself or others. She is the most like me. No wonder I love her. So today, I’m sure I speak for the rest of my sisters when I say, “Happy birthday, Baby Sis!” Now matter how old we all grow together, you’ll always be our baby.



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18 responses to “Happy Birthday to my Baby Sister

  1. Pat Counts

    Today is also my hubby’s big day. When he was born the doctor told his mom he was a firecracker with a fuse!!!! Have a great one. Pat

  2. What’s with you and posts that make me tear up, lately? ;) What a great gift to your Baby Sister. Her personality seems a perfect fit for Independence Day.

    Happy 4th!

  3. What a lovely tribute to your sister! I am now just stumbling on your blog through Tasty Kitchen! I LOVE it! I love your eclectic style, your warmth and humor! I think I will be a frequent visitor! Hope you have a great 4th!

  4. Kat

    Oh, happy birthday, Baby Sister Nana! I very much like the Sparkler analogy – zesty and beautiful :)

  5. The Baby

    Where did you dig up that glamour shot? Thanks for the nice send up, #2. Get it, send it up like a fire cracker. Just to clarify one comment, I do not make my own bed now. It’s a disaster area all it’s own. I only sleep there, so what’s the point? We are very much alike and I do so enjoy laughing and making others laugh, even if it is at myself. Thanks to your NanaB blogger buddies for the warm wishes and support of my sister. Love you, Weenie!

    • You sent me that glamour shot when you were in high school, I think. Isn’t that your senior photo? Whenever it was taken, it shore is purdy. I had to laugh out loud when I heard you still don’t make your bed. What’s the matter? No sisters to boss around? No Mom at your house to make us do your bidding? That’s good stuff. I hope you had a fabulous birthday, and in the words of the immortal Katy Perry…. “Baby you’re a firework. C’mon let your colors burst.”

  6. My whole family says the same thing, that no matter how old I turn, be it 50 or even 80, I’ll always be the “baby sister” :) I’m just starting out in the baking-blog world, and I’m SO happy I stumbled upon your blog. New favourite.

    Please tell her Happy Birthday! :)

  7. NB's Mom (via Big Sis)

    I was planning for a picnic and a really big, ice cold watermelon, but I got your baby sister instead! What a trade off…….but a better deal Happy Birthday! Mom

  8. Happy Birthday, what lovely pictures!

  9. What a sweet post in honor of your sister. All those pictures are great, but I love the one of her as a bride surrounded by her nieces and nephews. Hope she had a wonderful birthday!

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