What do I love? Let me count the ways.

I love my family. My husband, The Complete Package. My daughter and her sweet husband. My mother, my four sisters, my mother-in-law and our big extended families. We are blessed to be part of such a large, wonderful clan.

I love my grandbabies – Jonah Bear and Lilly Bug. When I see My Baby with her sweet babies, I am transported back to those days when she was little. I see so much of her in them, with Bama Boy thrown in. And I see myself and TCP in them, too. They are little extensions of everyone in our family in many ways.

I love my dog. He’s old and he snores and insists on having his way all the time. But he’s cute, and he’s sweet, and he snuggles with me when I’m sick and he plays with me when I’m happy and he never leaves my side. He’s my buddy.

I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on soft, fresh oat nut bread and grilled cheese on a good hearty white bread with real butter. Lots of butter.

I love Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream.

I love my top 5 movies: It’s A Wonderful Life, Forrest Gump, Benjamin Button, The Notebook and The Princess Bride.

I love a good cup of Lola Savannah Hawaiian Grog coffee with one spoon of sugar and a heap of low fat Coffeemate in it. And I sometimes switch it up with a cup of Stash black chai tea with my favorite Savannah Bee Black Sage Honey. That stuff is liquid gold.

I love flannel pajama pants, worn t-shirts and fuzzy socks in the wintertime.

I love baby animals, but who doesn’t?

I love my Jeep Liberty. It’s a 2003 with 115,000 miles on it. It’s silver with black leather interior. When I got it, I named it after Brad Pitt. When friends asked why, I told them it was because it was pretty enough to take out somewhere nice, but I wouldn’t mind getting dirty with it, too. In my defense, I’d just seen Legends of the Fall. Get it? Handsome, rugged…it made sense at the time.

I love pancakes. Light, fluffy pancakes. Sometimes with fruit, sometimes with chocolate chips, or bananas, or pumpkin. And TCP’s buttermilk pecan waffles.

I love Asics running shoes. That’s my brand. They fit me perfectly.

I love pasta, chili and soup better on the second day.

I love my Tempurpedic mattress. It’s like sleeping on a cloud.

I love snow, but I don’t get to see it much since I moved to Houston.

I love Chinese and Mexican food enough to rotate them every other day.

I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills, I love the flowers, I love the daffodils, I love the fireflies when all the lights are low, boom-dee-otta, boom-dee-otta, boom-dee-otta, boom-dee-otta.

I love the girls in my Bunco group. We all worked together at one time or another at the same elementary school. Some work there still. And 15 years later, we’re still making each other laugh until our cheeks hurt.

I love the almost life-size black bear The Complete Package bought us on our vacation to Disney World. My Baby and I walked past him and pet him in the gift shop of the Wilderness Lodge every day for a week. One week after we got home, he arrived on our front porch. BEST…VACATION…SOUVENIER…EVER!

I love music. I could listen to it all day long, over and over again. I love all kinds of music. Except country music. Sorry.

I love dark chocolate anything. Pretzels? Yup. Cake? Yes ma’am. Cookies, brownies, out of the package in big chunks? You betcha.

I love that you may just still be reading this mess this far into it. So I love you, dear readers. You don’t need flowers or candy or cards or dinner in a fancy restaurant to make you feel special today. You just need love. And I love ya’. Happy Valentine’s Day.



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8 responses to “What do I love? Let me count the ways.

  1. I’m with you on almost everything (Notebook, Princess Bride; Legends of the Fall Brad Pitt, not current gray-goatee Brad Pitt; grilled cheese sandwiches; chocolate, etc, etc…

    BUT, I must disagree with you on two points: It’s Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food for me, and I LOVE country music! :)

    What a fun post, I feel like I learned so much about you! Happy Valentine’s to you.

    • I agree completely with the fact that you’re not loving the gray goatee Brad Pitt. I get that it can be a burden to be such a pretty man, but do you really have to work so hard to ugly yourself up? Can’t you just give the ladies the eye candy they want and take one for the team? I have to say, though, that I loved the Halloween photo of him in the orange jumpsuit as DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba. That’s a man who puts his kids before his career! I thought it was hilarious and endearing. And I don’t think I’ve ever tried Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food, but I will soon. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Claudia

    Aww… this is such a sweet post that I just have to respond. What a lovely idea to make a list of the things you love and to put us readers in there as well. Well, let me return the compliment, Jeanne – I love you too. For your stories, for your photos and for allowing me a glimpse of your life. I don’t have any sisters, but if I did, I’d wish they were like you. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

    • Thank you, Claudia! That’s about the nicest Valentine’s Day gift you could ever give me. Girlfriends can be as close as sisters, and that’s how I feel about all my readers. Like you are all a part of my extended family. I’m proud to include you as a part of that circle. Thank you for sticking with me. I appreciate your friendship more than you know. -Jeanne

  3. What a sweet list! I love reading about what other people love. I also love Cherries Garcia, and how they are so kind as to package it in single serving containers. Also fluffy pancakes, Asics, and flannel pj’s.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you & TCP.

    • Single serving containers, indeed! You are a woman after my own heart. I don’t know anyone who buys a pint of Ben & Jerry’s with the intention of sharing. They might as well label the pints for accuracy: Servings – 1; Calories – 5,000; Cost – 3 pounds, mostly on your thighs.

  4. John Goldston

    Dear NanaBread, I came across your efforts here following a thread on Texmati rice. I have been in love with the stuff and one of it’s biggest promoters for over 35 years. I too, like “the complete package”, cannot get around the rice without buttering up a bowl and chowing down. I worked for the man who originally developed the rice when I first got out of college.

    I love to cook and cannot wait to try your recipe for beef and snow peas with some of my elk meat. Texmati and elk, nothin better!

    As a side, of all the things I cook,my wife requests most often a grilled cheese sandwich with Oat Bread! I use both Havatri and cheddar cheese and serve it with a side of green olives. Good stuff.

    Thanks for your blog. I will get more familiar with it over the next few weeks. I read your stuff and really connect.


    • Hello, John! I’m so happy you found my little blog. How sweet that Texmati brought us together. If only world peace were this easy! Your grilled cheese sounds fantastic, and your wife sounds lucky. The Complete Package makes grilled cheese sandwhiches for me, too, which is why they’re usually smothered in real butter. Next to rice, real butter is his favorite food. We joke that if he could fry it, he would. My favorite side with a good grilled cheese is a steaming bowl of tomato soup, and I’ve been known to dunk. Thanks, again, for the comment and for your readership. It’s always nice to gain a new reader, and thus a new friend.

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