Got Cork?

I made a new corkboard for my sewing room.  I got the idea from a house we rented in Paradise Valley, Montana on a trip to Yellowstone.  They had one in the kitchen by the phone and used it for posting photos & messages.


I fell in love with the concept, and even though I’m not a wine drinker, I started a campaign to collect as many wine corks as possible so I could make my own.  After 2 years, I had only collected half a shoebox full.  Thanks to the miracle of Craigslist, I found a wine collector who had saved 12 years worth of corks from around the world and had decided to unload them for $10.  Imagine my surprise when he handed me a trash bag full.  Seven one-gallon Ziploc bags full, to be exact.  I was stunned and thrilled simultaneously.  I went straight to Hobby Lobby and bought a frame and a black foam backer board and got to work.  It took about 2 hours to arrange and then individually glue each cork into place.


I love it.  It looks great, and it’s fully functional.  And it was inexpensive to make, since the frame was on sale.  Total cost was about $35.  Because it’s made with a foam backer board, an open-back frame and natural corks, it’s very lightweight, so it was easy to hang.  I added a metal hook rack (also from Hobby Lobby) below it to hang my scissors and sewing stuff on.  Now it’s fun and functional.  I had made a larger corkboard last year so I could post all my crafting dreams for inspiration, so it’s nice to have a matching set. 


 The ribbon rack below the larger corkboard is a metal paper towel holder I found on a clearance rack for $8.  It’s the perfect size to hold spools of ribbon for future projects or gift wrapping.  And I found a black silverware drawer organizer for $4 that holds spools of thread perfectly (under the acrylic sewing platform). As you can see from large jars in the back corner of this photo, I still have gallons of corks left.  I love it when I can be creative and cheap at the same time.  Sometimes the stars just align.



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2 responses to “Got Cork?

  1. Cindy

    Hey NanaBread,
    i was just looking at my ever growing collection of corks and was thinking about making the a “cork”board this Christmas break. So, I dug into your achieves and found just what i was looking for! Did you hot glue the corks to the foam board? Also, my corks aren’t from around the world, I’m pretty much a “one hit wonder” as far as my taste in wine goes so i was just wondering if I could take a few of those many, many extra corks off of your hands when we have our Christmas cookie lalapalooza?

    • Absolutely! I’d be happy to let you go through my big jar of corks and pick out a selection to go with yours. I’ve got plenty to choose from, so just remind me on Cookie-Palooza Day. I started with a black foam board and an open-back frame (50% off) from Hobby Lobby. I did hot glue my corks down so they wouldn’t pop out someday. It just took a little dab under each cork. I also had to cut a few corks to make them fit, but I did that along the outside edges so that the cut ends went under the edge of the frame. Worked great – none of them showed. Happy to help with extra corks and any advice you may need as you put it together. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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